Books of the Week of May 24th!

A new picture book about mindful breathing from Nick Ortner is a must-read for young children!

A wonderful read for the chaotic preschool classroom or after a busy day before bed, MY MAGIC BREATH helps children process their emotions and consciously breathe through the moment to help find calm. With a read-along-breathe-along element, this new release provides prompts to inspire conversation between parent and child about how they feel:

  • Are there too many thoughts running through your mind?
  • What happened today that made you smile?
  • Did something happen that made you feel sad or mad?

I really like how this teaches pre-schoolers to be calmer and it’s great for ages 4-8!

Nick Ortner is CEO of the Tapping Solution, LLC, a company with a mission to promote the natural healing method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or “tapping” (a combination of Chinese healing practices). This is his second children’s book; his first was The Big Book of Hugs. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief, and the upcoming book The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Best Self. Nick lives in Newtown, CT, with his wife and daughter, June. You can find Nick at

Alison Taylor is an elementary school teacher and coauthor of The Big Book of Hugs. She writes to inspire young people, especially her beloved June and Harris, to find what makes them happy. She lives in Connecticut with her husband.

Michelle Polizzi is an illustrator and designer living and working in California. This is her second book working alongside Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor. She lives in the East Bay with her sons, Rowan and River, her husband, Nick, and their beloved Frenchie, Oscar, where they spend their days creating and inspiring one another. You can see more of her work at

Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding? 

I love these book choices!

My favorite is the Harry and Meghan Paperdolls!

Commemorate the wedding of the year with paper dolls of the royal couple! The world will be watching when Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle wed in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle — and you can relive the events leading up to the big day with this fabulous paper doll collectible. Dress the royal couple in the outfits they wore to their engagement announcement or choose from Harry’s Invictus Games T-shirt, Meghan’s ensemble for her first official duty, and more. Includes two dolls and 14 costumes.

Price: $9.99

Who Am I? by Steve Simpson is a great one for Teenagers!

Nationally recognized and award-winning, Simpson is a child advocate, child abuse survivor and media commentator who  released The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook — a small guide that is modestly tucked inside in all four of his YA adventure novels which covers most of the topics plaguing young people today—suicide, bullying, sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, self-worth, being the child of an addict, living in a dysfunctional home, surviving school and more. This is a way for children and teens to seek help in a private way.

I think this is a must-read for all teens! It may be helpful for adults to read too!

I’m always stressed about what grade I’m going to get on my next test. There always seems to be a hassle with at least one teacher. There is constantly drama with some other student and half of the time I don’t even know why. I’m tired when I wake up in the morning and I dread going. I can’t stand half the kids and don’t even like the building. The only thing worse than going to school and dealing with all of this is not going to school and dealing with the abuse and drama in my house! I never look forward to holidays and the summer is like one big holiday. More time home, more time with my abusive parent, more chances of at least getting verbally abused if not worse. And for some reason my non-abusive co-dependent parent thinks its okay to tell me about all the problems and worries, not to mention the horrible things that might happen to us. I wish I could just go into suspended animation for the summer until the new school year starts or just plain get off of this world!

These are some of the thoughts that many young people who live in abusive or dysfunctional homes think this time of year. I was one of those abused children and these were my thoughts exactly with the love/hate relation of school. The end result almost equivocally ends with thoughts of suicide or running away, to which I tried both. This is why I have spent my adult life speaking and writing books on these topics. Even students who seem fine in school can return after the summer a different person, ready to give up after a long summer in an abusive or dysfunctional home.

Author Steve Simpson covers these and similar topics such as suicide, child abuse, being a child of an alcoholic, self-esteem, bullying and surviving the holidays in a dysfunctional home in The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook which is found in all of Steve’s novels Who Am I?The World is WrongRunaway and Child’s Island.

Do you have a Baseball fan in the house?

Sports Illustrated Kids Books. THE BASEBALL FANBOOK  is such a fun little book that middle readers (& older) are going to be obsessed with, especially the MLB quizzes at the end of the book. I actually found the quizzes at the end quite fun! This book will be a hit for summer reading!
This is the next installment in the popular Fanbook series (The Football Fanbook, August 2017), and is chock-full of all the nerdy-cool insider knowledge that fans ready for next-level, in-depth stats need to know. Tailor-made for baseball fanatics who know the basics of the sport they love and are looking to become super fans, this new fanbook is filled with fun trivia, unique lingo, and illustrated behind-the-skills how-to’s. Chapters include Team Tidbits (facts about every MLB team), Think Like a Manager (essential strategies), He Reminds Me Of (comparing current plays to legendary greats), and much more!
I love this next fun series for young children! 

STICKY FACTS is an innovative, kid-friendly approach to beloved topics for ages 6 and up, featuring a cutting-edge sticker sheet design that allows for text and color images to appear underneath the sticker. This is such a fun way to learn new facts! I recommend for all younger children!

The STICKY FACTS: WHAT WILL YOU FIND? series includes…

STICKY FACTS: ANIMALS— A veritable sticker field guide to the animal kingdom and the habitats they call home, readers will learn how to tell two zebras apart, what happens when a squirrel falls out of a tree, why meerkats stand up, and more

STICKY FACTS: CONSTRUCTION— Teaches readers about the powerful machines and massive monster-size trucks that encompass the world of construction. Learn where to find a construction elevator, where the “steam” in “steamroller” comes from, the body parts that most resemble stabilizers, and more

STICKY FACTS: NEW YORK—At once at once an interactive activity book and the ultimate interactive guide to the Big Apple, readers will learn whether Lady Liberty can dance, how many miles comprise the subway tracks, the number of art pieces housed within the famed MoMA, and more about the city so nice, they named it twice!

 Unlike average sticker books, each sticker page features questions with facts hidden underneath the relevant sticker. Once the sticker is peeled o­ff, the fascinating fact is revealed. Activity pages with corresponding prompts are featured next to the sticker pages for readers to use as fuel for sticker landscapes, adding hours of fun to the whole experience!

I love the Pout-Pout Fish series and love that this one addresses bullying!


Mr. Fish has always been a sensitive soul, and in this time he tackles his most challenging anxiety yet— a bully. Swim along with Mr. Fish as he teaches the bully shark about kindness and being a friend. I recommend this one for all pre-schoolers and young children because it teaches such an important lesson in a delightful way! I love the characters and the illustrations are amazing!

Rosemary Wells Launches New Preschool Picture Book Series!

I love this author and remember reading Max & Ruby books with my son when he was younger.

Picture book legend Rosemary Wells (creator of beloved characters Max and Ruby, Noisy Nora, Yoko, etc.), whose titles have sold in excess of five million copies worldwide, is launching a new preschool picture book series, KIT AND KABOODLE (Henry Holt and Co. BYR,  Ages 4-8) — sure to be an enduring classic!

With gentle messages of kindness and sharing, this story — starring a brother-and-sister twin cat duo, Kit and Kaboodle, and the mischievous mouse, Spinka — is a great entry point to talking about feelings and emotional intelligence in a preschool setting.

The characters are delightful and I absolutely love the colorful illustrations!

Do you have young children who love board books? Sesame Street 5 Little Rubber Duckies and 10, 9, 8…Owls Up Late Teach Little Ones to Count should be added to their home library!

These books are too cute and really fun to read! Sesame Street: 5 Little Rubber Duckies (Studio Fun; ISBN: 9780794441197; $11.99; 12 pgs) is perfect for pre-schoolers! What a fun way to learn to count from 1-5! Join Ernie and his friends on Sesame Street as they try to find five little rubber duckies in this fun, hands-on board book! With touch and trace elements perfect for little hands and plastic duckies to push and count along, this book is the perfect story time activity for early learners. Also available in Spanish (5 Patitos de Hule)!

In 10, 9, 8…Owls Up Late! (Silver Dolphin; ISBN: 9781684121847; $9.99; 26 pgs; Ages 3-5) ten little owls are playing in a tree, hopping and hooting happily. But Mama Owl calls from down in the nest, “It’s bedtime now; it’s time to rest.” Peek through the pages and spot the mischievous owls in this fun counting book, perfect for bedtime! Featuring fun rhyming text, funny illustrations and peek-through die-cut pages. I love the illustrations in this charming book!

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to feature and only feature books that I highly recommend! Cover images were also provided. 



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