Books of the week! July 11th, 2018!

Family Road Trip Travel in Arizona and New Mexico with New Travel Book is a Must-Read!  RoadTrip America’s Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips, is a must if you are planning a road trip in Arizona and New Mexico!

Add fun, history, and jaw-dropping natural wonders to your southwestern road trip with RoadTrip America Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips, each one beginning and ending at an Interstate highway and drivable within a day. Full-color maps and photographs illustrate easy-to-follow scenic routes through breathtaking landscapes and iconic towns in Arizona and New Mexico. Discover the surreal beauty of White Sands, watch the sun set over Monument Valley, or explore the subterranean marvels of Carlsbad Caverns. Find out why Jerome was “the Wickedest Town in the West” or walk in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp in Tombstone. Pamper yourself at a spa in Taos or soak up the vibes at an “energy vortex” in the red rocks of Sedona.

RoadTrip America Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips offers readers:

  • Easy-to read, full-color route maps with points of interest, mileage, and more
  • Color-coded pages for easy identification of routes by geographic region
  • Up-to-date insider tips for getting the most out of each route and staying safe
  • Phone numbers, websites and visitor info for parks, attractions, and out-of-the-ordinary lodging & dining
  • Researched and written by native Arizonan and adventure traveler Rick Quinn, whose road trips have taken him from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska and San Francisco to Washington D.C. Photographer, travel writer, and anthropologist, Quinn is an expert on the topography, history, and culture of the American southwest and how best to enjoy its wonders by automobile.

I love the full-color route maps and the insider tips! You can find this one at

This next one is a must, especially for girls! WOMEN ATHLETES WHO RULE! (Sports Illustrated Kids Books / on sale June 5, 2018 / ages 8+)

I say this one is especially wonderful for girls because it is such an inspiration for girls! WOMEN ATHLETES WHO RULE! profiles 101 extraordinary female athletes, both past and present, who shaped the narratives of their sports. Content is divided into several easy-to-digest sections for young readers: Superstars (who reinvented what it means to be a sports celebrity), Wonder Women (who transcend sports and created seismic shifts in our culture), Trail Blazers (who broke barriers and paved the way for others to follow), Record Breakers (who set new standards for excellence), and the Champions (who showed heart and gumption as winners). This one is a must for Summer reading!

I really love this next one! It’s well…just perfect for today’s times.


In the beginning, there were three colors: Reds, Yellows, and Blues. All special in their own ways, until one day a Red proclaims that they are the best, starting a color kerfuffle. Is there anything that can bring the colors back together? A Yellow, a Blue, and a never-before-seen color might just save the day…

There’s a special message in this book about getting along and I highly recommend for all ages! It’s a delightful book that isn’t just your average picture book!

You can find it on

Summer Tie-Dye Parties? This one is a must! 

Looking for a fun event idea this summer? Consider throwing a tie-dye party! Tie-dying is a wonderful way to create dramatic fashion statements without using too many materials or spending a lot of time. “No group is too large for tie-dying,” says author and expert crafter Suzanne McNeill. “It’s a great activity for family reunions, scouting events, parties, and fundraisers.”
Nicknamed “The Trendsetter of the arts and crafts industry,” McNeill is the author of the new book Totally Awesome Tie-Dye: Fun-to-Make Fabric Dyeing Projects for All Ages (Design Originals, May 2018). Filled with stylish projects, McNeill shows step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish ice dyeing, crumple dyeing, resist dyeing, and Shibori—shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. Everything you can imagine about the art of tie-dying is covered in Totally Awesome Tie-Dye, even tips for tie-dying with children.
McNeill also shares how to tie-dye several items of clothing in her tie-dye manifesto, including fashion designs for t-shirts, dresses, socks, caps, scarves, and even embellishments for home décor. The goal of McNeill’s book is to make this entertaining craft fun for all ages. “The joy of creating art is for everybody,” she says. “I hope to inspire people to discover their own creativity.”
I love this book! It has some really cool ideas and I love how easy it is to follow the instructions! This one is a must for any age! Of course, younger children will need supervision.
This next book from the Quarto Group is a great way to relax and unwind this Summer!

Scratch and create is the newest form of art therapy for adults! Reconnect with your creativity, reduce stress, and unwind form a long day by scratching your artistic itch with Folk Art Flowers and Enchanted Animals.

I love Enchanted Animals and it has such cool whimsical animals! I like that this one is for both kids and adults and it’s fun! This one is a must for families and is great for summer when the kids starting getting bored! The included stylus is easy to use and I love that you can be creative and also share your works of art! It’s also easy to remove the pages without tearing them!

Diverse and Timely Picture Book Empowers Kids to Break Down Barriers: Pink is for Boys by Robb Pearlman is a must! 

This summer, acclaimed children’s author Robb Pearlman delivers a timely message of acceptance and inclusion for kids ages 4-8 in Pink is for Boys (Running Press; 6/5/2018; ISBN: 978-0762462476; Ages 4-8).

With the help of a diverse cast of characters, Pearlman takes readers through the entire spectrum of the rainbow – from pink party dresses to blue baseball uniforms, green grass to brown teddy bears – demonstrating to young readers that gender does not dictate their favorite color or beloved hobby: boys can wear pink and girls can drive racecars. Pearlman’s message is delivered in cheerful and accessible prose, paired with Kaban’s vibrant and endearing illustrations. Each page becomes increasingly colorful, teaching little ones their colors and culminating in a beautiful rainbow on the final page. Every scene invites imagination, as well as imparting this valuable lesson to children and parents alike.

This is also a book that is perfect for today’s world! I highly recommend this uplifting and empowering book! I like that this one truly thinks outside the box and inspires readers to think and color outside the lines. This one is also perfect for both boys and girls and is a great family book!

This one is available at many retailers including

About the Author: Robb Pearlman is the author of many books, including Groundhog’s Day Off, Raggedy Ann and Andy: Leaf Dance, and Passover is Here!. Today, his favorite color is blue, but it may purple tomorrow! He grew up in New York City and now lives in a white and green house in New Jersey with his husband and Oscar, the butterscotch-colored best puppy in the world.

About the Illustrator: Eda Kaban was born and raised in Turkey and has had a passion for drawing, reading, and monkey bars since a young age. She is the illustrator on a number of books and when she’s not drawing, you can find her climbing rocks or biking the hills of the Bay area. She and her husband live in Oakland, California.

Self Disclosure: I receive books every week and the ones I recommend are featured. Images and Information are also provided.



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