Books of the week: January 31st, 2020!

Looking for Children’s books that young children will enjoy reading over and over? Here are my top choices for this week!

 Baby Shark! by Stevie Lewis

Complete with lovable illustrations of sharks of all ages Stevie Lewis’ illustrated board book is perfect for fans of the Baby Shark traditional sing-along.  I recommend this one for ages 2-4 and I’m sure that they will ask to read this one over and over!

I just love this one!  Snakes on the Job by Kathryn Dennis.

The busy snakes are back! This time, they are operating a variety of construction vehicles—bulldozers, diggers, backhoes and more. What are they building? There’s only one way to find out! I highly recommend this one for ages 3-6 years old.

As a big believer in cleaning up our beaches, this next one is one that I highly recommend!

1, 2, 3, Who’s Cleaning the Sea?: New Book Empowers Children to Champion the Fight Against Sea Pollution

Inspired by her deep love for ecology and protecting the environment, Janina Rossiter’s ‘1, 2, 3, Who’s Cleaning the Sea?: A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet’ takes all the fun of a children’s book and drapes it with a bold, vital message for young readers. In a way that is perfectly dignified, Rossiter wakes young minds up to the true horrors of humans’ deadly impact on sea creatures, and inspires them to make it a passionate cause for their future.

‘1, 2, 3, Who’s Cleaning the Sea?: A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet’ is available now on Amazon.

For more information, visit the author online:

Self Disclosure: I received copies of the above books to facilitate this book feature. Cover images were provided. I receive many books and only feature those I highly recommend.

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