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The Pig, the Elephant, and the Wise-Cracking Bird

By: Michael Sampson and Bonnie J. Johnson

Illustrated by: Joshua Sampson

New York Times bestselling author Michael Sampson teams up with filmmaking son Joshua Sampson and award-winning education specialist Bonnie J. Johnson to pen children’s picture book about idioms.

Meet Ogden Oink, a fun-loving, adventurous, likeable piglet, in Michael Sampson and Bonnie J. Johnson’s The Pig, the Elephant, and the Wise-Cracking Bird. He dresses and speaks as humans do and gets into more than his fair share of difficulties because he interprets figurative expressions literally. This humorous book will get young readers thinking about language-and laughing, too.

Obscura the Cat Sees Beyond

By: Ben Franchi

Illustrated by: Cheyenne Bigham

A magically perfect read just in time for Halloween.

Green eyes and title font on the finished cover 

will glow in the dark!

You are in for a chill and a thrill as you read this mysterious read-aloud book that is sure to be non-stop entertainment. Join Obscura, the not-so-feisty feline, as she navigates her haunted home in search of her owners, encountering all manner of spooky sights along the way.

Let’s Play Jegi

By: Im Seo-Ha

Illustrated by: Choi Byung-dae

Let’s Play Ddakji (first book in this seires–released Fall 2022) has just been announced as winner of the following Children’s Book Council honors:

CBC Children’s Favorites Award Winner 2023

CBC Teacher Favorites Award Winner 2023

From the renowned author of Let’s Play Ddakji and Let’s Play Gonggi comes the third book in the Traditional Korean Games series, Let’s Play Jegi. With the history of jegi’s origins and detailed instructions of how to play, kids will learn about this fun, fast-footwork South Korean game through an engaging story of friendship and scrapbook-style illustrations.

Alithia Ramirez Was an Artist

Written and Illustrated by: Violet Lemay

Including art by: Alithia Ramirez

“Alithia Ramirez Was an Artist reminds us why art is so powerful-and healing.”

—Parents Magazine

Alithia drew the world as it should be- full of color and joy, creativity and fun. From her teachers to her family and friends, Alithia shared her gifts with an open heart. Written to honor Alithia and all the lives affected by the Uvalde school tragedy, Alithia Ramirez Was an Artist will help preserve the memory of this talented young girl through her story and her artwork. Author proceeds from the book will be donated to the Alithia Haven Ramirez Memorial Summer Seminar Scholarship Fund.

The Alphabutt Book by Huggies®

From Avocado Butts to Zeppelin butts and all of the wiggly jiggly butts in between, The Alphabutt Book by Huggies® ( Ages 0-4, $14.99, 9781464216565) celebrates the diverse range of baby bodies and booties that exist. Each letter is illustrated by a different artist―including Tyler Feder (BODIES ARE COOL) and Vanessa Brantley Newton (QUEEN OF KINDERGARTEN)―and the alliterative text will leave little ones giggling. Plus, a portion of the proceeds is going to the National Diaper Bank Network, a nonprofit providing diapers and other basic necessities to struggling families.

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to feature. Cover images were also provided.

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