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It’s the question that no parent or teacher wants to ask a child: “Are you being bullied?”

However, with the release of ‘Pinky’, a new book by Josephine DeFeis, educators and caregivers may be able to let another authority do the talking for once. ‘Pinky’ does the difficult job of reaching out to children of all ages, and acts as a gateway for adults to discuss these difficult issues with kids.

“Pinky is unique because she is an animal that changes to fit in, due to being bullied,” says DeFeis. “She still doesn’t feel good on the inside. She realizes that she wants her friends to accept her for who she is, regardless of her skin color or her personality. This is applicable to schoolchildren of all ages, especially now.”


Everyone Matters!

Imagine being a talking horse and discovering the world around you as humans do -using your creativity, moving forward while facing life’s challenges, and loving yourself for just being you. Pinky is a story about how to respond to others in a positive way when being bullied. It’s learning how to overcome many of life’s obstacles – whether it is a learning disability, a physical disability, looking different, or just feeling different. Not everyone has to be like you, but you still are important, and you do matter.



I really like the powerful message in this book!

‘Pinky’ is available now:

For more information, visit the official website:


Essea White has recently published her first children’s book, I Wonder, which is sure to tickle readers’ funny bones.

This really is quite a delightful story for young children! 

Do you ever wonder…? If sheep knit woolen socks or if llamas dance on mountain rocks?

Young readers giggle and grin as they imagine their favorite animals doing all kinds of silly things-such as skunks flying kites at sunset! Filled with rhyming words and quirky, colorful illustrations by Lois Dahl, I Wonder will delight both beginning readers and younger children at story time-and open their worlds to the joys and possibilities of wonder.

For ages 2-6 in hardback, softcover, and Kindle.

Available on


In FIVE-MINUTE BRAIN WORKOUT FOR KIDS, you’ll find 365 word puzzles and games to keep your mind active and in great shape! Have fun with your family and friends as you learn about acronyms, anagrams, definitions, parts of speech, rhyming words, syllables, word structure, and more with these fun puzzles. Even doing one puzzle a day will help you to learn new words, spell better, problem solve with ease, and have better concentration!  (Ages 7+)

This one is a great book to have for kids especially on rainy days or trips! I like that there is a variety of games and other activities! I highly recommend!

Purchase on  Amazon, B&N.

The next one had me laughing out loud and is a must-read for Moms!

Dont Lick the Minivan PB

In DON’T LICK THE MINIVAN: AND OTHER THINGS I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SAY TO MY KIDS, author Leanne Shirtliffe captures the bizarre aspects of parenting in her edgy, honest voice. Despite some inevitable snafus, a delayed encounter with postpartum depression helped Shirtliffe to realize that even if she can’t teach her kids how to tie their shoelaces, she’s a good enough mom. This is important for all moms to realize!

 This book can be found at  Amazon, B&N.

This one is another wonderful one about friendship for younger children!

Big Friends_fc.jpgsmalll

The book is about two best friends who play every day, and with the help of their trusty cardboard boxes become pirates, kings, and astronauts. But when a new friend joins, they have to wade through those ever-perilous waters of what to do when two becomes three.

I really love the creativity of this book! It’s a really sweet story about friendship and I highly recommend for ages 4-8.

You can purchase on, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers such as Walmart.



Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post.

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