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The first day of school can be tough and for little hedgehog he has a big obstacle to overcome! Little hedgehog’s tiny fingers are bandaged from a minor accident and participating in writing lessons leaves him frustrated and sad. Then when the teacher announces that there will be an art show featuring the letter “A” that the class has been practicing, everyone is excited. Everyone but little hedgehog, who cannot write his letters because of these bandages. Feeling determined, little hedgehog decides to find a different way to write his letters using his creativity and ingenuity. Will he be able to participate in the show with his classmates? While this warm story encourages readers not to be intimidated, and to turn obstacles into advantages, it also draws attention to how diverse the paths to a solution can be. The creative solutions the little hedgehog comes up with to write his letter “A” finds will amaze even the youngest readers. I absolutely love this book! I loved the characters and the story! The illustrations are amazing! You can find it at

Earth Day is this month and this book is a great way to teach children about our planet in a fun way! It is a picture book that celebrates and honors the interconnectedness of everything on planet Earth, while also sending out a call to protect it. The cumulative text that builds from page to page, demonstrates the many ways nature and all of its parts are connected. THIS IS THE PLANET WHERE I LIVE also features rich, highly-detailed collages, making this book a joyous ode to our wondrous planet.

The illustrator, Debra Frasier, who just so happens to be turning 70 on the eve of the books release date in March, created the whole book during the pandemic amid many personal and professional setbacks, which she’d be happy to share with you if you’d like to speak with her. What also makes this book and Debra’s process so interesting and unique is that Debra works in a collage/cut paper art style which is bold, colorful and one-of-a-kind. Creating this book during lockdown, gave her the time she needed to collect, sort, and choose the perfect collage pieces. You can find out where to buy it here.

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post. Cover images were also provided.

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