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Discover the Unknown with Schiffer Kids!

A thick layer of snow has covered the forest. Where will the animals go to get shelter from the cold? Do you know the badger’s secret hideout? And do you know where the squirrel calls home? This is such an engaging book for young children! Children can lift the many different flaps and children develop small motor skills and foster hand-eye coordination. I loved the illustrations and recommend for all young children.

This next one is similar but it teaches young children about the creatures in the sea. This one really was my favorite since I am an ocean lover! Each of eight removable animal-shaped pieces is labeled to help build vocabulary and sight recognition.

About the Author-and-Illustrator Team

Marc Clamens studied applied arts and received a degree in comic illustration and graphics. He works in children’s press and magazines. Laurence Jammes graduated with a focus in textile design and began in children’s fashion before becoming an illustrator of children’s books and magazines.

Welcome to a walk in the forest! Page after page, this book folds out to reveal the secrets of trees, animals, and plants, from the canopy to the underground world. This one is amazing! Young children will really be educated about forest animals.

About the Author-and-Illustrator Team

 Emmanuelle Grundmann is a biologist, primate specialist, author, and reporter. Through her books and articles, this nature lover alerts the public to the importance of protecting species, especially those in forests. Gal Weizman is a multitalented illustrator. Her works range from digital illustrations to pencil drawings, watercolors, fabric, and clay.

Welcome to a dive into the heart of the sea! Page after page, this book folds out to reveal the secrets of the amazing animals and plant life that inhabits the oceans, from the seaside to the abyss. This is another one that will educate children as well as entertain them.

About the Author-and-Illustrator Team

Véronique Sarano is an oceanographer and author of many books. She cofounded the Longitude 181 association, which works to protect the marine world. Anine Bösenberg was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1988. A graduate of the College of Art in Edinburgh, she now lives and works there. She pays particular attention to shape, color, and geometry when drawing. Loris F. Alessandria is an illustrator and art director based in Milan. His work is mostly focused on animated characters, but he likes to face projects of any shapes and sizes. You can find him teaching illustration at IED in Turin and walking around parks with his always-happy dog Lula.

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Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post. Cover images were also provided.

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