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In an urban world where streets are lit 24 hours a day, we often forget that nature has so much to offer at night. Learn how to call for owls, walk like a fox, and expand your sensory perceptions in Wild Nights Out, a wonderful new hands-on guide from outdoor educator Chris Salisbury for those who wish to explore the natural world after dark. I really liked the information about how to take safe walks at night and I loved the animal facts! There are also informative games and activities that kids will really enjoy! You can find it here.

Looking for creative family ideas these last weeks of summer? Gambaccini is the author of Crafty Family Ideas: Projects to Make, Things to Bake, and Lots of Homemade(ish) Fun, a new book from Fox Chapel Publishing, that provides seasonal activities that range from fun-filled DIY projects, to kid-friendly recipes, to charming anecdotes from Kristin herself. Altogether, there are 55 fresh ideas that are easy, affordable, and fun. I really like that these activities are really fun and that they are affordable! I also really liked the kid-friendly recipes! This one will surely keep you and the kids busy this month before school starts!

Have a toddler at home? I love this next book! It is practical and has so many great ideas! Written by mother and teacher, Lisa Forsythe, ‘Simple Activities for Toddlers: A Practical Play-at-Home Handbook for Parents’ helps parents break the cycle of repetitive playtime, to introduce new activities that are not only highly fun and engaging, but help toddlers develop fundamental skills. Using common objects found around the house, the book’s activities call on sensory play, creativity, STEAM, crafts and more – to make lifelong memories without a gimmick in sight! The activities in this book are of high educational quality that maximizes the best use of your time, resources, and space. These play-based activities help your child thrive and ensures that they get a head start in life. All the activities have been ´toddler approved´ or field tested by Thomas.

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21 Fun Recipes: Delectable New Book Gets Readers Running to the Kitchen – Promoting Healthy Eating & Family Fun!

Written by veteran Chef, Leszek Zajac, ’21 Fun Recipes’ brings simple instructions and stunning imagery together, inspiring every family to get busy in the kitchen! With a focus on healthy eating and broadening the horizons of readers’ culinary skills, readers can prepare to make everything from rainbow pasta and cheese sauce to macaroons, pizza, smoothies and even home-made ketchup! It’s a true culinary revolution! I liked that the recipes are really simple and most can be followed with children of all ages.

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This next book really hit home with me since I have returned to college this past year to take more child development classes and switch careers. I learned how beneficial Woodworking can be for very young children. This new craft book “Let’s Carve!” safely introduces children to the fun and creativity of woodcarving.

The new craft book “Let’s Carve! Safe and Fun Woodcarving Projects for Kids” (Linden Publishing, publication date June 8, 2021) by Robin Edward Trudel presents a safe, fun and creative introduction to woodcarving for children ages 4 and up. Every child’s eyes will light up when they see what they can make with the beautiful and fun projects in “Let’s Carve!” Requiring only a few tools, inspiration and adult supervision, the projects in “Let’s Carve!” are kid-safe and designed for beginners, but children will be able to complete these age-appropriate designs all by themselves. Learning the simple and beautiful art of coaxing shapes and figures from wood will fill children with the joy of accomplishment, while teaching life-long skills kids will cherish forever.

I was impressed with this book and plan to use it in my upcoming job!

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Self Disclosure: I received copies of the above books and only feature books that I recommend. Cover images were also provided and I did not receive any additional compensation to post.

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