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Looking for a wonderful Picture Book for young children?

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If I Were A Whale by Shelley Gill is a must-read!

From best-selling children’s author Shelley Gill comes this colorful, rhyming board book playfully featuring whales found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans. Toddlers will love to learn about whales swimming in the deep blue sea in this beautifully illustrated board book that shares simple whale facts in an imaginative way.

This is an adorable book with wonderful illustrations! Perfect for ages 2-5. ~SoCal City Kids.

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Looking for a great book for young adult or older adult? This next one is a must-buy!


This is not your ordinary coloring book!

It is a story about an amazing Indian Love story with incredible detailed drawings that you can color! I just love the details! The book also includes a musical CD featuring songs by the artist herself which compliment the classic story.

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The adult coloring book features 96 unique designs found nowhere else.  All of the 12 original music pieces on the accompanying CD are sung by Amrita Sen and feature a new and unique coloring idea on every page. Beautiful India-themed patterns bring out the romance in this adult coloring book.

The Amrita Sen line of stationary products also includes a notebook, agenda, sticky notes and a companion box of colored pencils.  All items are available at Barnes & Noble and Dillard’s.

You may remember Amrita Sen as the well-known Bollywood singer that performed at the 2009 Academy Awards with music legend AR Rahman, singing “Jai Ho” from the Oscar-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire.  And just his year, Amrita was featured on Justin Timberlake’s album 20/20Experience.


This next one is a must-read for all Moms!


LESSONS FROM OUR MOTHERS: New Book Tells of Candid Reflections, in 1,000 Words or Less
A bedside project to keep her ailing mother engaged leads an author/editor to a thoughtful collection of stories involving more than three dozen sons and daughters with unforgettable life lessons, tailored to modern day attention spans.

AT MY PACE: LESSONS FROM OUR MOTHERS is a collection of 38-stories from grown children – men and women, which seeks to expand a conversation, much as the first book At My Pace: Ordinary Women Tell Extraordinary Stories (2015), only here to the topic is not our journey and whether to lean in but our mom. Each piece is approximately 1,000 words and shows complexity, appreciation, and one specific lesson that each mother gave to her son or daughter. The book is divided into three sections by age range: under 40, 40 to 60, and over 60; all of which were gathered and edited by Jill Ebstein; in addition to her own story about her mom, “My Mother’s Rolling Backpack.”
Some submissions grappled with second chances and the work that derives from repair; touching on topics like acceptance, love, and redemption. One contributor reflects on her mother as “The General,” and talks about the strain of growing up, only to turn the page, become a parent herself, then call her mom not out of obligation but out of desire. Others talk about resilience in spite of mounting personal challenges, like starting over in a new country, while clinging tightly to old ways of life. One daughter describes cutting her hair in an act of defiance – a monumental victory – until later she wins the fight against her dad to attend college and live on campus, making the earlier battle seem comparatively insignificant.


Many contributors shared examples of what they liked about their moms. Top of the list: walking the walk, finding unexpected strength, and the ability to evolve over time. Then there were others who focused on how their moms actions taught them what not to do. The daughter of a glamorous, highly-prestigious, Madison Avenue copywriter, learned through her mother’s low self-esteem not to focus on weakness but to embrace her strengths. Not surprisingly, in many stories where contributors shared a negative lesson, they showed great compassion and respect toward their mothers.


AT MY PACE: LESSONS FROM OUR MOTHERS is a celebration of the matriarchs in our lives. Full of insight and introspective tales, the book highlights the love between parent and child. The mission of the editor is to add meaning and understanding to one’s life by candidly sharing life experiences and provide ample opportunities for self-reflection, at one’s own pace.

I really enjoyed reading this one and highly recommend for Moms and Daughters too!


About the Editor
Jill Ebstein is the editor of the At My Pace series of books – At My Pace: Lessons from Our Mothers (Nov, 2016) and At My Pace: Ordinary Women Tell Extraordinary Stories (2015). She’s the founder of Sized Right Marketing, a Newton, Mass., based consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies use the customer voice to develop workable strategies that will yield results. She holds a BS from Washington University and an MBA from Wharton. Learn more at:

I love this next one!

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THE Perfect Gift Guide Creativity Title – Bestselling Designer Adam J. Kurtz’s PICK ME UP!

This one is a must for everyone! I would recommend it especially for  Teens and adults! It will definitely cheer you up when things seem bleak and I love this DIY type of book! It’s different and maybe a bit strange but it is an optimistic book that will help with positive change!

You can find out more about PICK ME UP, beautiful time lapse videos, and more info on Adam here:



Adam J. Kurtz is a Brooklyn-based artist and author whose first book, 1 PAGE AT A TIME: A Daily Creative Companion has been translated into fifteen languages. In addition to personal work, he’s collaborated on products for retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Strand Bookstore, and Fishs Eddy, and made work for companies including Pepsi, Adobe and the New York Times. In 2016, he was named one of PRINT Magazine’s “15 Under 30” New Visual Artists.

The next one is great for the Kids who want to learn Scratch Coding!


The latest release from No Starch Press, the market leader in kids programming books, offers an exciting new way to learn to code.

The Scratch Coding Cards ($24.95, 75 laminated cards, December 2016) are a colorful collection of activities that introduce children to creative coding. The illustrated activity cards provide a playful entry point into Scratch, the graphical programming language used by millions of children and teens around the world. The deck of cards makes it easy for kids to learn how to create a variety of interactive projects that connect to their interests. They can create a racing game, animate an interactive story, design a virtual pet, and more!

Each card features step-by-step instructions for beginners to start coding. The front of the card shows an activity kids can do with Scratch—such as animating a character or keeping score in a game. The back shows how to snap together blocks of code to make the projects come to life. Along the way, kids learn key coding concepts, such as sequencing, conditionals, and variables. This collection of coding activity cards is perfect for sharing among small groups in homes, schools, and after-school programs.

The Scratch Coding Cards were developed by Natalie Rusk, a lead researcher on the Scratch Team at the MIT Media Lab. “Every day we’re amazed to see the diverse types of projects that young people create with Scratch, but many newcomers aren’t sure how to begin,” said Rusk. “The Scratch Coding Cards make it easy for anyone to jump into programming.”

The Scratch Coding Cards are available in bookstores everywhere!

I like how simple these are and that kids will love to learn with them! ~SoCal City Kids.

About the Author

The Scratch Coding Cards were created by Natalie Rusk. Rusk is one of the lead developers of Scratch and works as a research scientist in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Rusk co-founded The Computer Clubhouse, an international network of after-school centers where young people learn to use new technologies to express themselves creatively.




Self Disclosure: I received copies of the above books to facilitate this featured book post. Photos and other information was provided.

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