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These two are great for young children!

THE TINY TRAVELER: ITALY: A BOOK OF NUMBERS : How many gondolas float down the canal? Can you count the number of masks at Carnival? Travel from Rome to Venice as you and your little one count your way through Italy’s most famous landmarks. From one leaning tower to seven fresh pizzas coming out of the oven, you’ll catch the travel bug while teaching children the basics of counting!


THE TINY TRAVELER: JAPAN: A BOOK OF NATURE : From the tiniest bonsai to the peak of Mount. Fuji, your toddler will follow a beautiful nature trail through Japan. This new book from Misti Kenison in the Tiny Traveler series explains natural elements in the simplest terms for the youngest of travelers. Cherry blossoms, bamboo, and volcanoes are all illustrated in bold colors to capture the imagination. Toddlers will love finding rocks in the Zen garden, floating lotus blooms, yellow Japanese plums, and more in this delightful board book.

So sit back and explore the world with your little one from your very own living room. Traveling to foreign places has never been so fun, or educational, for young children before!

Do you have a Minecraft Fan at home? They will love this beautiful book!



As they pore over the pages in this remarkable collection, Minecraft lovers of all stripes will find themselves immersed in a world of astonishing Minecraft creations like floating steampunk cities, massive alien worlds, detailed classical sculptures, fantastical landscapes, and architectural marvels. The sculptures and scenes throughout the book are built from thousands to millions of Minecraft blocks and represent months and even years of design work on the part of their creators.

“I wanted to show how a video game can become a true artistic medium…how players can become artists,” said author James Delaney.

This truly is a beautiful book! I highly recommend it for all those who like Minecraft! ~SoCal City Kids.

You can find in bookstores everywhere!

This next one is a delightful series that promotes reading by encouraging playtime!

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This is a series that children will love! I really think they are great for encouraging children to read at home.They will love the characters and I was impressed with how fun these stories are!


More about the series can be found here: and more about Ruth Rumack can be found here:

About the Creator:

After completing her Bachelor of Education, Ruth Rumack started her career as a Children’s Program Director at a community centre. It was at this time that Ruth began working with students privately, supporting their academic needs. Her practice quickly grew from her living room to the 3000 square foot office that Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space currently occupies, employing close to 25 full-time certified educators, designers, and support staff. As an educator, Ruth has a particular interest in working with students of all ages who experience reading challenges, as well as those diagnosed with learning differences and other exceptionalities such as ADHD, anxiety, and executive functioning issues. She is a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario and regularly attends learning conferences to ensure that she is on the leading edge of new research and new methodologies. At her Learning Space, Ruth and her team of highly-qualified educators provide individualized support that emphasizes honoring the individual strengths and needs of each child. Their goal is to provide all students with a strong academic foundation, achieved through active, kinesthetic learning that doesn’t feel like learning at all.

Alpha-Mania Adventures is now available on Amazon,, and Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space.

The next two books are a must for this upcoming Spring!

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SPRING HARE by Eugene Yelchin 
  • In this beautiful, wordless picture book, an adorable baby hare springs into an adventure, following his human friend up, up, and away in this flight of fancy. With bright, kid-friendly collage, this is a beautiful and accessible celebration of spring and the imagination!
  • Perfect for fans of Eric Rohmann, Nancy Tillman, and Raymond Briggs!

I really found this a delightful book for the very young children! I love the bright illustrations and the imaginative story! Perfect for ages 2-5.

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ALL KINDS OF KISSES  by Heather Swain

This is just such a sweet book about the way animals kiss. When you read this book, you just have to smile! Perfect for ages 2-5.

More about the Author:

Heather Swain is the author of the teen novels Hungry and Gifted, as well as two craft books for kids. Steven Henry is the illustrator of It’s Raining Bats and Frogs by Rebecca Colby, as well as the Ella the Elegant Elephant series.

Look for both of these books on

Here’s another great one in the Charles Salter’s Kare Kids Adventures series!

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This one is perfect for the little older kids who like adventure!

Twelve year old twins Josh and Hannah travel from the USA to visit their Uncle Olaf in Norway. Olaf runs the Museum of Norse Antiquities in Oslo, and the museum’s greatest treasure-the Viking chieftain Leif Erikson’s fabled Sunstone-is stolen. Hot on the trail of the suspected thief, the twins ride on a dizzyingly high train through the Scandes Mountains to Norway’s largest fjord, a deep waterway which connects directly to the North Sea. While spying on the suspect’s suspicious behavior, the twins are suddenly kidnapped on the train! They elude their captors by breaking free, sneaking across the top of the train as it chugs through a tunnel, and tricking the kidnappers. Then they learn the thief’s true motivation: to use the Sunstone to interpret the coded Undredal Runes so as to re-create the Viking super-warriors known as Berserkers.

Can the twins defeat the plot, return the stolen treasure, and save the world from the secret of Viking Berserkers which has been concealed for a thousand years?

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Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post. 



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