Books of the month!

Looking for some new books for the kids to read this Fall? Here are a few of my favorites from Arbordale Publishing. What’s the Weather? is a great book to teach young children about the weather. We know that weather changes daily. Sometimes it can even change from one moment to another-like a sudden storm. Learning about weather and how to dress and prepare for it is an important skill to learn. I recommend for ages 3-7.

I love this next one because I love otters! River Otter’s Adventure is a fun story for ages 4-8. It’s about a young river otter who sneaks into a zoo, and she wonders if she should be more like some of the zoo animals she meets. This one is educational and a lot of fun!

This next one is perfect for ages 5-8. Animal Homes teaches young children about the different homes of different animals. Just like humans, animals use their homes for shelter and to raise their young. Animal Homes might be easy to see, or they may be hidden (camouflaged) for protection. Some animals are great builders and other animals borrow homes that other animals have made. I love how educational this book is!

This next one is a great way to teach young children about human and animal teeth, And That’s the Tooth delivers unique and fun facts about animal and human teeth through engaging riddles. With hints to help solve each riddle, children will be actively involved as they giggle, guess, and learn.

Find all of these and many more at Arbordale Publishing.

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books and images were provided.

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