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Having a Baby? This one is a Must-read!


Welcome to Baby Land
By Maggie Lord
Illustrated byKathryn Holeman

Babies bring their parents a tremendous amount of joy…and sometimes a little bit of stress. WELCOME TO BABY LAND (Little, Brown; September 13, 2016; $15.99) to the rescue! This new adult coloring book, by Rustic Wedding Chic blogger Maggie Lord, will relax and entertain new and expectant parents as they navigate the always exciting, sometimes stressful months from birth through babyhood.

WELCOME TO BABY LAND is the perfect de-stress activity for new and expectant parents and makes a wonderful gift for baby showers, or for anyone who just loves babies! So next time you drop the pacifier or can’t figure out why your baby is crying, take a deep breath, grab your pens and pencils, and color your way to calm.

Maggie Lord is the founder of the popular blogs and, which have millions of readers monthly. Maggie is a sought-after wedding expert who shares her planning tips on TV and in a variety of publications, including the New York Times, the Huffington PostFast Company, and more. Maggie is the author of four other books, including the adult coloring book Color Me Married. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, the writer Jonathan Lord, and their two young sons.

This would make such a wonderful baby shower gift!

Looking for a great read for your Tween?


A BLIND GUIDE TO NORMAL by Beth Vrabel (10/11, middle grade): Richie “Ryder” Raymond can find the punchline in any situation, even in his limited vision and prosthetic eye. During the past year at Addison School for the Blind, Ryder’s quick wit earned the respect and friendship of his classmates, and he’s convinced that heading to mainstream school for 8th grade is going to be awesome… Until he learns that the only thing worse than explaining a joke is being the punchline. But with help and encouragement from his family and friends, Ryder finds the strength to not only fight back, but to make peace. This is a fun read and will keep your tween entertained!

Here are two more books that are perfect for New Moms!


This is a terrific book for new moms!    BEING THERE: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters (a TarcherPerigee hardcover, on sale April 11th, 2017) by Erica KomisarNamed “the new Dr. Spock for the 21st century,” veteran psychoanalyst discusses the critical importance of a mother’s physical presence in the early years of her child’s life. Drawing from the latest neurobiological and psychological research on caregiving, attachment and brain development to support her findings, Komisar also offers both working and stay-at-home moms guidance on establishing an emotional connection with their babies; easing transitions to minimize stress for babies/toddlers; combating feelings of postpartum depression or the taboo topic of boredom; and taking control of career and family choices to prioritize parenting during the first 3 years.

I like this straightforward book full of support and guidance! I highly recommend it! 


THE UNMUMSY MUM: The Hilarious Highs and Emotional Lows of Motherhood (a TarcherPerigee paperback, on sale April 18, 2017) by popular mom blogger Sarah Turner. Inspired by the immensely popular blog of the same name, this no-holds-barred account of new motherhood will resonate with parents experiencing the range of emotions that come with the arrival of pregnancy and a newborn. Covering everything from “babywearing incompetence” to “second-child shortcuts,” this candid and relatable title reveals that we can read every parenting manual under the sun but still have no bloody clue—and not having a clue is just fine.

I like that this one is fun to read and such a helpful book for new Moms!


Self Disclosure: I received copies of the above books to feature in our Books or the Month. Photos were also provided.

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