Books of November!

No matter if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not…it is always good to be thankful! I am thankful for so many things and for so many people! I love this Journal and it would make a great gift for someone this holiday!

In Angelea Van Dam’s new journal, Hello Angel Mandala Gratitude Journal, daily prompts remind you of everything you have to be grateful for. Accentuating positive things of life can help restore health, mental alertness, and emotional satisfaction.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving, this would be a perfect journal to give as a gift or to help get into the mindset of gratefulness. I love all the wonderful tips in this Journal!

This next one is a wonderful and positive picture book for young children!

ME, MYSELFIE, & I by Jamie Lee Curtis; illustrated by Laura Cornell  Ages 4-8)

For Mom’s birthday, her kids are excited to teach her how to take selfies with her new smartphone. At first, it’s lots of fun for the whole family. Soon, driven to take the perfect selfie, Mom begins to document everything, from ski team practice to dance class, and even photo-bombing someone’s wedding—until her daughter reminds her that maybe this smartphone wasn’t the best gift after all.

In a world obsessed with self-documentation comes a tale that shows us with humor and love that the best things happen while the smartphone is turned off.

This book is a must-buy for young children in today’s world. I highly recommend!
Jamie Lee Curtis is an author, activist, sister, friend, wife, and most importantly, mother. She is the New York Times–bestselling author of numerous picture books, including Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born, Today I Feel Silly, I’m Going To Like Me, and My Brave Year of Firsts.

These next ones may be helpful for young children to learn manners! They are also fun to read!

The Giggly Guide of How to Behave
Mind your manners! There’s more to good manners than just saying “please” and “thank you”! With 44 simple rules on how to behave, and how not to behave, this giggly guidebook shows you exactly what it means to have good manners, and what happens when you don’t follow the rules of good behavior… Kids and their parents will giggle their way through this clever and colorful guide on polite behavior, and are sure to want the companion book on how to behave at school, too!

I think that this one may even be helpful for adults to read!

Why Do I Have To Say Please and Thank You?
Learn how to answer difficult questions confidently, set clear limits for self-control, and resolve and address a range of social-interaction issues.

This revolutionary series, written by two child psychologists, provides the perfect platform to explore a broad range of family issues and questions that children have as they grow up and try to make sense of the world around them.

Each illustrated spread poses important, commonly-asked questions around behavior and manners, such as “Why do I have to say ‘please’?”, “Why must I share?” and “Why do I have to say ‘sorry’ even if I’m not?”, which help little ones to discuss their feelings and understand others. Includes explanations and advice for parents and carers throughout.

How Rude!
Join Dot and Duck in a simple yet hilarious story about kindness, manners, and friendship that gets more and more chaotic with every turn of the page!

Dot invites Duck to a tea party, but from the moment Duck enters the house, the tea party descends into chaos; from licking sandwich fillings to spitting tea, Duck gets ruder… and ruder… and ruder. Just how will Dot react to such outrageous behavior?

Simple, funny, and ultimately touching, this book will appeal to any child who is learning what it is not to be rude and, more importantly, what it is to be a true friend.

I love this next one! It is a coloring book with such positive messages! 

Coloring artist Thaneeya McArdle is all about good vibes. In her newest coloring book Think Happy! Coloring Book—her largest collection yet—she has loaded over 200 pages with whimsical designs and positive affirmations.


Thaneeya McArdle has created numerous coloring books with Fox Chapel Publishing and has sold more than three-million copies. It could be her optimistic and carefree attitude reflected in her illustrations that has contributed to her success. In 2013, she gave up her possessions to become a full-time nomad. She traveled the country and abroad, all while maintaining her coloring book career. After exploring the world, she came home with a fresh and positive attitude on life.

Looking for a really cool Planner/Journal? I just love the Turtle Journal! 


So, what is a Turtle Journal? It’s really cool!

It’s a 90-day productivity planner designed to increase productivity, happiness, and life balance while donating to TECHO, a non-profit that works to overcome poverty through education and community development.

I have been using mine for about a month now and am finding it quite helpful especially during this busy holiday time! It really helps to keep your life more organized and focused.

You can find out more here!

SoCal City Kids actually has one to give away! So, leave a comment below telling us why you need a Turtle Journal! Deadline to enter is November 22nd, 2018 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected. U.S. Residents only, please. 

And, last but not least..another hit book from Laurie Keller!

My son and I just love this Author!

Parents will love this read, which helps children explore anxiety, friendship, and forgiveness, while also being a hilarious laugh-out-loud read aloud. I just love the unique creativity in this story! It will even make adults laugh out loud!

The book details a potato’s single minded pursuit to get a pair of potato pants. His plan is thwarted by an Eggplant, who he misjudges at the start to be a big, old bully, only to realize it was a big misunderstanding by the end. Beyond being hysterical, this book also taps into those universal feelings of childhood anxiety and is a cautionary tale of what happens when you make a judgment before you have all the information. 
Laurie Keller is the acclaimed author-illustrator of several bestselling picture books, including Do Unto OttersArnie, the DoughnutThe Scrambled States of America, and Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, among numerous others.
Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this book feature. I received many book submissions and only feature those I recommend. All of the above are highly recommended! Images were also provided. 




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