Books for the month of January!

The suggestions below are wonderful to teach young children about mental health and feelings. Both can be tough subjects to teach younger children. I also have a great must-read suggestion for all parents of young children so keep reading…..

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. would like to introduce Max’s Box:
Letting Go of Negative Feelings
Written by Brian Wray
Illustrated by Shiloh Penfield

Max’s parents give him a very special gift: a tiny, magical box that will hold everything, from his toys to his feelings. Max learns, however, that feelings can’t be put away as easily as toys. Each negative emotion he feels—anger, embarrassment, sadness, loneliness—gets added to the box, which grows and grows. Eventually, it is so large that it keeps him from doing what he loves, like riding his bike and climbing trees. With some help from his friends and family, Max is able to turn the box into something beautiful and let it go. A parents’ guide explains how well-intentioned adults often encourage children, especially young boys, to ignore and “put away” their feelings instead of learning to fully live with them. This simple but powerful story not only teaches children how to “control” their emotions but discourages suppressing them, the illustrations becoming more colorful and vibrant as Max moves out from his box’s shadow. I really like this book because it is a great way to teach young children about feelings!

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., would like to introduce Bipolar Bear: A Resource to Talk about Mental Health
by Victoria M. Remmel

Sometimes Bipolar Bear finds himself at the bright North Pole or the dreary South Pole. Using tools he finds either on his own or with the help of his family, he’s able to make his way back to his home. Cut out the sunglasses and the flashlight in the back to get involved, and if you flip through the pages quickly, you just may find a nice surprise! This is another great book for teaching young children about mental health!

Why Will No One Play with Me?
The Play Better Plan to Help Children of All Ages Make Friends and Thrive
by Caroline Maguire
With Teresa Barker

I found this next one very insightful and I recommend it for all parents!

From renowned parent expert Caroline Maguire, Why Will No One Play with Me? is a groundbreaking program that has helped thousands of children struggling with social skills to make friends, find acceptance, and have a happy childhood.

Every parent wants their child to be okay–to have friends, to be successful, to feel comfortable in his or her own skin. But many children lack important social and executive functioning skills that allow them to navigate through the world with ease.

In-demand parenting expert and former Hallowell Center coach Caroline Maguire has worked with thousands of families dealing with chronic social dilemmas, ranging from shyness to aggression to ADHD, and more. In this groundbreaking book, she shares her decade-in-the-making protocol–The Play Better Plan– to help parents coach children to connect with others and make friends. Children of all ages–truly, from Kindergarten to college-age– will gain the confidence to make friends and get along with others, using tools such as:

*Social Sleuthing: learn to pay attention to social cues

*Post-Play Date Huddles: help kids figure out what to look for in a friendship

*Reflective Listening: improve your child’s relationship with their peers

With compassion and ease, this program gives parents a tangible, easy-to-follow guide for helping kids develop the executive function and social skills they need to thrive.

Self Disclosure: I received copies of the above books to facilitate this featured book pos. Images were also provided.

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