Book to read: Wild at Heart by Stacy Gold

A delightful romance story to read this summer!

Looking for a fun, delightful romance story to read this summer? Wild at Heart by Stacy Gold is a must-read! I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Here’s some great advice from this inspiring author if you are planning a romantic camping trip with your special someone!

Tent Sex for Beginners

Yes, You Can Have Amazing Sexy Times in a Tent

By Stacy Gold

Camping, hiking, and backpacking with your SO can lead to romantic vistas, cuddling by the campfire, and maybe even a roll in the sleeping bags. But if you want to have sex in the great outdoors (or great sex in the outdoors) it helps to follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Be prepared. You don’t want to get all worked up and then have to dig out necessities and kill the mood. Have whatever you need (condoms, lube, etc.) in a stuff sack close at hand. A bandana or small pack towel for cleanup is also always a necessity. When you’re done cleaning up, either stash it in a spare baggie or rinse it out in a lake or stream.
  2. Get the grime off. For most people, sex is better when you’re clean, or at least smell like it. So, once you’re more than a day into a trip and you’ve gotten sweaty or dirty, you’ve got a few options: Wet wipes are your friend (good for both before and after); use biodegradable soap and a little heated stream water for a quick scrub of the important bits; jump in a river or lake for an exhilarating, fresh feeling. If you’re using soap—even the biodegradable kind—always wash and rinse onshore at least 200 feet away from water.).
  3. Consider sex outside your tent—weather permitting and assuming no one is around. Sure, you could lay your sleeping pad or bag out under the stars, but the outdoors offers many other options as well. Lean against a tree or sit on a branch (be sure to check for sap, hornets nests, and ants first), bend over a nice round boulder, prop a foot on a ledge or stump and do it standing, or simply lay on grass or moss. Be cautious about getting busy in a camp chair—you might exceed the weight range and they are prone to tipping over.

Sex outdoors can add zest and spice to your life. So, on your next camping trip, do it like the bears do…In the woods.

Stacy Gold is an outdoor adventure athlete and contemporary romance author. Her latest book is Wild at Heart (May 2022, Onyva)

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