Book of the week: This one is perfect during COVID 19!

Looking for something positive during these trying times? Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal ( by author Robert Stern is a new humorous and helpful illustrated 32-page journaling book and it truly is a positive resource for families.

I enjoyed reading this book and it is a fun way to cope with the on-going pandemic.

Using this book as a helpful tool, parents can sit down with their kids to motivate them to write down their feelings about the impact of the Pandemic on their lives. Parents may want to do this first so it will draw out what’s going on for them that they can share with their kids.  This will also help prepare them for tough questions from their children. 
The book states in a positive fashion that someday this virus will be contained and that we should focus on what we hope our future will look like. This allows for a positive experience and a direction that allows all of us to live in possibility with positivity. 

I recommend this one for all families and it is even a great resource to use with older kids too!

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book. Images were also provided.


  1. This has been a great book for me to record my feelings and thoughts during this rather stressful time in all of our lives! I love the cute illustrations, too!

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