Book of the Week: JASMINE AND JAKE ROCK THE BOAT by Sonya Lalli

Summer Read for adults!

JASMINE AND JAKE ROCK THE BOAT stars Jasmine Randhawa, a strong, independent woman who likes everyone to think she has it all together. Ending up single and tagging along on her parents’ vacation was definitely not a part of her plan. Suddenly, she’s stuck with all the family friends she’s spent her life trying to impress for ten days on an Alaskan cruise. And what’s worse, this is a seniors’ cruise, and the only other person her age on the boat is her childhood acquaintance, cocky and successful Jake Dhillon.

The two clash right away, having pointed discussions (a.k.a. arguments) about the expectations and double standards of their culture that deem Jake a perfect Indian son and Jasmine a troublemaker. Though they try to avoid each other, there’s limited space on the ship, and having distance from their lives at home allow them to share secrets they’ve both been keeping from their families. Soon their disdain gives way to something deeper, but neither of them knows where their relationship will lead when they’re back on land.

JASMINE AND JAKE ROCK THE BOAT is a perfect escapist romance, set in a beautiful Alaskan setting and filled with tropes readers love like forced-proximity and enemies-to-lovers. Sonya Lalli is skilled at bringing together heritage, identity, and love in her fiction. Drawing from her own experiences as a woman of Indian descent, she expertly captures the journey of defining oneself amidst family expectations and finding the courage to fall in love.

I just finished reading this book and absolutely loved it! A great book to read this summer! I loved the main characters and the story line.

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to facilitate this post. Cover image and information also provided.

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