Birth Injury In Newborns- How To Cope As A Parent

Having a baby can be the most thrilling experience for new parents. Nothing makes you happier than holding your bundle of joy for the first time. You forget the struggle of pregnancy and the trauma of labor as you experience the bliss of the moment. But not all parents have a fairy tale beginning to their parenting journey. A birth injury at the time of labor can make it a nightmare. According to statistics, thousands of babies in the US suffer from severe birth injuries every year. The worst part is that many of these are preventable as they happen due to the sheer negligence of medical practitioners. Whatever the reason, raising a child with such injuries is challenging for parents. Here are some tips to help such parents cope with the traumatic situation.

Accept the situation

Acceptance is often the hardest of dealing with a birth injury as a new parent. You may have envisioned a happy family after bringing the child home. But life will be far different when you raise a little one suffering from brain damage, physical deformity, or spinal cord injuries. You may want to deny the truth because it seems unfair when others around you have healthy babies and happy families. But the road to recovery starts with acceptance, so take the first step to begin your healing journey.

Talk to someone

Knowing that your child’s injury will cause developmental disadvantages eventually is painful. It is natural to feel sad, angry, frustrated, and depressed. But these feelings will only worsen the situation as they affect your mental well-being. You may end up suffering from depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These conditions can keep you from giving the best care to your child. Consider talking to someone to vent out the negative feelings and address your fear and pain. Your partner, parent, sibling, or best friend can lend a hand. Alternatively, you can speak with a  mental health professional.

Seek justice for your newborn

If your baby’s birth injury was preventable, you must seek justice for the little one. The child deserves compensation for the medical malpractice or negligence leading to the injury. For example, your doctor may have waited too long to deliver through a C-Section or ignored the fetal monitor, causing the injury or death of your child. You can hire a birth injury lawyer to claim compensation from the medical professional who could have prevented the injury or death. The claim can help you raise a brain-damaged child and ensure future security for them. In the case of death, it is a payout for your pain and suffering as a parent.

Make life adjustments

A birth injury of your child requires you to make some adjustments. The challenges of raising a child with special needs are immense, so you cannot overlook them. One of the parents may have to step into a full-time caregiver role. Such kids need help with everything, from feeding to bathing, dressing, and moving around. They will probably not attend a regular school or play with friends and siblings. Parents have to take essential steps to care for the child at home, at school, and playground. Talk to a practitioner to create a caregiver plan and align your routine accordingly.

Develop a grief treatment plan for yourself

While you have to be strong in the face of the tragedy, you cannot undermine the grief and pain you experience. Ignoring it can lead to problems down the line. Many parents continue to suffer even years after getting the diagnosis. You must develop a grief treatment plan for yourself while looking after the little one. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you find proactive ways to deal with the trauma. Besides professional therapy, you must have a self-care plan for staying healthy while caring for the baby. Try your best to resume normalcy in your relationship with your spouse and other kids in the family. You should not feel guilty about being happy and having a good life. Just do your best for the child, and leave the rest to fate.

Birth injuries in newborns are more common than you imagine. Once you experience the situation, you will probably feel like a member of a big club. Join the networks and forums of parents dealing with similar trauma to seek and lend support. Most importantly, understand the cause of your child’s injury. It will help you seek compensation for the negligence of the medical practitioner. Life will be a lot better once justice is served!

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