Best cities to raise your kids in America

So you are in the market for the perfect city to raise your family? You’ve come to the right place. Best schools, great weather, countless amenities for both adults and children; these are all things that you should be on the lookout for when searching for a city to settle down with your family.

The truth is that there are plenty of great U.S states to settle down with lots to offer families. Even though some of the regions are more expensive than others, it is not difficult to find family-friendly locations. To help you out and ensure you’ve made the right picks, here are the best cities to raise your kids in America:

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor tops the list for many people looking to raise their families in Michigan. Not only does it boast a long list of great schools but it also has a long list of family-friendly attractions and things to do. It also has low crime rates, with a crime rate that’s 29% lower than the national average.

While raising a family certainly comes with its expenses, Ann Arbor isn’t necessarily expensive but it is not cheap either. What you will love about the city is that the cost of goods such as groceries and other suppliers is well below the countrywide average.

Some of the more family-friendly activities in the town include the town’s Hands-On Museum, which is currently rated as one of the best museums in the country. There is also a petting farm, a milling company, and a stadium.

Highland Park, Texas

If you’re going to pick Texas as your home state, then Highland Park should be on the list of top places to settle down with your family. Highland Park is a wealthy small town, which is situated just a stone throw away from Dallas. You will love the warm environment, as well as the tight-knit community.

Because it is an affluent region, the cost of living is higher than it is in other parts of the state. The upside is that there are countless amenities, highly rated schools, as well as a stable housing market. It is also an exceptionally safe town to raise a family, as it enjoys an overall crime rate that’s 21% lower compared to the national average.

Bowling Green, Ohio

Bowling Green is home to an array of outdoor parks, events, camps, and a whole host of activities that the entire family can participate in. although Bowling Green is a small city, it offers numerous big-city amenities, as well as a low cost of living. Some of the most sought-after top-notch schools are also situated in Bowling Green.

The overall crime rate in the city is 28% lower than the national average and 27 % lower than the state average. Hospitals worth noting include Wood County Hospital, which is a great medical and surgical facility that offers quite a selection of services to the locals. Another great hospital is the University of Toledo Medical Center, but there are also several smaller hospitals and health care providers strewn all over the town.

Bowling Green is easily one of the more affordable towns in Ohio. It also boasts top-rated schools and lots of family-friendly activities to keep everyone engaged. Educational activities are located close by including a wind farm, a historical center, and a planetarium.

Irvin, California

Irvin is situated in California’s Orange County, an affluent area that is known for its vibrant job market, its delightful family-friendly atmosphere, the first-rate schools, as well as the glorious weather. The city has been previously rated as one of the happiest places in America for families to call home.

Irvine is also home to the celebrated UC Irvine Medical Center, one of the best-rated hospitals in California. Although there is a hefty price tag attached to living in Irvin, the price tag comes with lots of conveniences and advantages. Please note that since most of the residents are well to do, many can keep up with the demands of living in the city.

Since there is a large number of families in Irvin, the city is chock-full of kid-friendly activities and events to take part in. there is a museum, a planetarium, and observatory, as well as numerous outdoor parks and trails.

Franklin Park, PA

Franklin Park is one of the best suburbs in Pittsburg for anyone looking for a city to raise a family. The city has always been known for its wonderful public school system, as well as its super friendly and welcoming environment. The crime rate also stands at 87 % lower than the national average, which makes it a haven for families to live.

The city is also very closely situated to Pittsburgh, which gives residents fast access to some of the biggest healthcare services and hospitals in the state. The cost of living in the state is relatively high especially as it regards housing and groceries. However, you will be happy to know that the cost of healthcare in Franklin Park is much lower than the national average.

Like most cities and towns in this list, the schools are also well rated. If you do decide to move in, you will be treated to a veritable selection of family-friendly activities and events all over town. The town offers several parks, trails, and outdoor leisure opportunities for individuals.

Beverly, Chicago

With its various outdoor attractions and excellent school system, it is no wonder that attracts so many families from all parts of the country. Beverly is quite a large town, but it has that small-time vibe, which is something worth considering if you are looking to move into a close-knit community.

In Beverly, the crime rate is also quite low, which means that your kids can play and ride their bikes without you worrying about their safety. There is an assortment of public and private schools in the region, however, what you will love the most is the affordable childcare and the wealth of affordable daycare centers to choose from.

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