Best Activities For Kids In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is renowned for the crazy nightlife, Hollywood and the numerous celebrities that you can see running around the streets. Many tourists visit simply because of the glamour but if you decide to travel with your kids, you should be aware of the fact that there are so many things that can be done. With this in mind, choose your preferred Los Angeles vacation home rentals, allow yourself enough time and check out the following wonderful activities that kids are going to just love in LA.

The Los Angeles Theme Parks

In Los Angeles, there are so many theme parks that can be considered. You most likely already know about Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. However, you can also consider Knott’s Berry Farm, which is completely family-friendly, and the beautiful Six Flags Magic Mountain testing ground. If your children love to have some fun in the water, be sure that you consider the Los Angeles Area Water Parks. There are actually more of them than what you think right now.

The Los Angeles Aquariums And Zoos

If children love fish and animals, you want to visit the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. You can also visit the Griffith Park’s Los Angeles Zoo. If you are looking for a smaller opportunity, try Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (you can find it in San Pedro) or the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Another option you can take into account is Prentice Park’s Santa Ana Zoo. All of these are simply stunning.

Los Angeles Museums Meant For Kids

What you should be aware of is the fact that most of LA’s museums have some programs that are highly accessible for the children. However, some are definitely much more natural than others. You need to research those that are close to other attractions you want to visit in order to make the most out of your trip. You can find options that are perfect for toddlers and even scientific discovery programs that are meant to help older kids.

Los Angeles Children’s Entertainment Options

Los Angeles is often regarded to as being the world’s entertainment capital. With this in mind, it should be no surprise to see that there are numerous live entertainment options that are meant to please people of absolutely all ages, including children. This does include comedy shows, puppet shows and plays. Kids that are ten or older can even attend TV show tapings.

Griffith Park

A mountain range goes through Los Angeles. Some of the mountain peaks are right within the family-friendly Griffith Park. Inside this park, you can find so many interesting kid-friendly attractions, like the Griffith Observatory, LA Zoo, Travel Town Train Museum, Autry Center for Western Heritage and Pony Rides. To top things up, you can enjoy many options for picnicking and hiking.

Outdoor Activities In Los Angeles

If you choose to vacation with your children in LA, basically everything that is outdoors can be a playground. This includes having fun at one of the numerous LA beaches and horseback riding in local mountains. So many activities are available for the entire family. This includes skating, biking, paddle boarding and surfing. Have fun with kids in kayaks and go on a stunning whale-watching tour. If you want your children to appreciate the environment, all of these LA outdoor activities can be taken into account.

Knights And Pirates

Most children love pirates and knights. Those in the city know it and various attractions were built to accommodate such wishes. This includes permanent venues that cover knights and pirates. You can easily enjoy the Buena Park Medieval Times, a dinner show that originally showed jousting matches. Then, consider Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, which has the exact same structure for a long time, with highly interactive pirate-themed shows. Every single year there are eleven weekends featuring renaissance fairs or/and pirate festivals. You may also want to consider Long Beach International Sea Festival.

Go To A Ball Game With Your Kids

Los Angeles does not have a pro football team but children can still be taken out to see the Angels or the Dodgers to play baseball. Also, the Clippers and the Lakers have wonderful basketball games. There is even a soccer team, Galaxy, or a hockey team, LA Kings. The regular cheap seats you get at the baseball game are really cheap. It is also possible that you find discounts available for the better LA seats.

American Girl Place

This is an experience that is recommended for girls. If you travel with one, you can easily watch her share tea with a loved doll at a café that can only be described as being precious. Shopping at American Girl Place is also a wonderful experience.


As you can so easily see, there are many interesting things that can be enjoyed with your children when you are visiting Los Angeles as an entire family. Every single recommendation made above is one you are going to appreciate. Have patience and learn all that you can about the deals that might be available for you based on when you travel. Los Angeles is filled with opportunities that are perfect for kids.

Make sure you learn as much as you can about all those that you consider. Also, plan extra trips and visits close to them. There are more than you expect. Remember that the best part of Los Angeles is to experience it by foot so make that a part of the vacation.

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