Be a Holiday Superhero this December with Two New “PJ Masks” Specials!

Two brand-new seasonal episodes of PJ Masks, the hit show for preschoolers on Disney Channel’s Disney Junior block, will soar onto the screen this December!


Since its launch in September, the colorful and engaging new show has been a hit with preschoolers and families across the country. The inventive CGI-animated series follows 6-year-old Connor, Amaya and Greg, who transform into their dynamic superhero alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, when they put on their pajamas at night and activate their special animal amulets. Together the three friends embark on action-packed capers, solving mysteries, having thrilling nighttime adventures and learning valuable life lessons all along the way.


But the PJ Masks aren’t the only heroes out there! We’re happy to share the attached tips to help you and your readers see the many ways that kids can be heroes at home and around their community this holiday season. It would be SUPER if you could fill in your readers about the new seasonal episodes of PJ Masks and share these heroic tips with them, too!
PJ Masks fans can tune-in and see their favorite heroes save the day in new fun-filled seasonal episodes! On Friday, December 4, at10am EST, preschoolers can join Gekko in “Gekko Saves Christmas/Gekko’s Nice Ice Plan” as he stops Romeo from turning the whole city into ice and Luna Girl and her Luna Board from spoiling Christmas!

On Friday, December 11, at 11am EST, fans can see how the PJ Masks team up against Romeo and his space laser as he tries to carve his face on the moon in “Clumsy Catboy/Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem”!

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5 Tips for Helping Your Preschooler Be a Hero This Holiday Season!

PJ Masks, we’re on our way, into the night to save the day! The holiday season is a super time for preschoolers to show that they are heroes. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to others or giving a handmade gift, this special time of year offers so many great opportunities to help your preschooler learn just what heroes are made of. So, take some cues from Catboy, Owlette and Gekko and check out these tips to help your preschooler be a hero this holiday season!

  • Give a heartfelt gift! – Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t the ones bought in stores, but the ones we make ourselves! This holiday season, remind your preschooler that taking the time to make a card or gift for someone is a super way to show you care!


  • Get into the spirit of giving! – Luna Girl can be selfish and want things all for herself. It’s important for preschool superheroes to know that, while receiving gifts at Christmastime can be a lot of fun, so can giving gifts to family and friends!
  • Have a heroic heart! – The PJ Masks know the importance of working as a team and sharing with others. If your child’s friend didn’t receive the present they wanted for the holidays, encourage them to be a hero and share their toys. It’s a heroic gesture of kindness – and it’s much more fun to play together, too!


  • Be someone else’s hero! – The holidays are great for enjoying time with family and friends, but some people may feel lonely at this time of the year. It’s a perfect time for your preschooler to swoop in and be a hero to someone in need of a friend!


  • Lend a helping hand! – There are so many ways to show you care during the holidays! You can help your preschooler be a hero this season by volunteering together in your community and participating in a coat drive, toy drive or even helping to wrap gifts for children in need.


And don’t forget to tune-in and see your favorite heroes save the day in two brand-new seasonal episodes of PJ Masks, the hit animated series for preschoolers, on the Disney Junior Block on the Disney Channel – Friday, December 4, at 10 am EST and Friday, December 11, at 11 am EST!



Credit: Disney Junior.



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