Baseball season as a learning experience with and Brainzy!


Three strikes, you’re out! With the start of  Major League Baseball a couple weeks ago, baseball fans across the country will be tuning in to America’s favorite pastime for a new season. Not only is baseball a spectator sport, but has many resources to make it a learning experience as well. Now, how cool is that?! Do you have a child who loves baseball? These resources are a lot of fun and educational too!


Along with the fun and memory making that comes along with baseball, there’s also an educational opportunity for fans of all ages to learn about how this popular sport uses every day math and science in its game. has tons of free resources for kids, parents, and teachers to learn about the history of baseball, the physics of throwing a baseball, baseball math games, and more.


In addition,’s Brainzy, a math and reading subscription program for 3-7 year olds, has over 300 games and activities focused on subjects that are needed in school, and in the everyday game of life – and baseball!


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