Balloon Trees Written by Danna Smith


How could a tree make a balloon?

Balloons do come from trees-rubber trees. Told in rhyme, the story follows the wide variety of steps involved in making the air-filled decorations we all know and love. Starting with the tapping of the rubber tree, the ship that carries the liquid rubber to the factory, and the manufacturing process itself; readers will learn just how that latex balloon arrived at his or her house. This delightful, fun-to-read-aloud story is sure to give readers a new appreciation for balloons. Great for ages 3-8! My son and I enjoyed this book and my 9-year-old son said it was very interesting! Teachers and parents will love the educational section at the end of the book. You can find this book and many other fun and educational books at Sylvan Dell Publishing.

Self Disclosure: I received this book to review.

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