Back-to-School with PEEPS!

Are you getting ready for Back-to-school? We aren’t quite ready and are enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer vacation but we are back-to-school shopping! We love PEEPS so are quite excited to see all the back-to-school products they have. They have a really cool Chillin with PEEPS lunch bag in pink or green, scented markers, 25 ct. eraser set and my favorite, a PEEPS Give PEEPS a chance notepad. ย  You can also find other really cool items on their website! The lunch bags are really cool because they are insulated to keep food cool and they also fold up really nicely for storing when you aren’t using them.


We are excited to announce that PEEPS has teamed up with us for a Back-to-School giveaway! One winner will win this whole set! You must be a subscriber to enter! Next, leave us a comment below telling us how you are already getting ready for back-to-school! Deadline to enter is August 31, 12 pm. One winner will randomly b selected from all entries!

* We received a set of all the items (from PEEPS) above for review but opinions are our own.*


  1. Fun products! To get ready for school I have purchased all of our school books.

  2. My kids would love those back 2 school stuff.

  3. No back-to-school for me this year but love helping my brother shop for school clothes for my nephew!

  4. My daughter have been shopping, shopping and enjoying the beach! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. We bought new clothes, backpack, and shoes!

  6. amy linderman says

    busy buying new shoes and pants for growing boys…and new haircuts!

  7. I love the new peeps lunch set. I would love to give it to my daughter. Adorable.

  8. Getting ready for school: new clothes, new shoes, and lots of school supplies!

  9. martha cruz says

    new clothes,shoes,backpacks a must for back to school! but still looking for just the right lunch bag !

  10. Katie Bathurst says

    cannot wait for back to school and love peeps. a perfect combo

  11. I have been busy getting my classroom ready.

  12. Amanda Strickhouser says

    our back to school is getting everything together… just got tissues and wipes for the class room.. both kids got backpacks and just did the food shopping for next week.. going to be a busy week.

  13. Just bought her first day of school outfit. Somehow we need to fit shoes In
    there. This would absolutely make lunches a whole lot funner!

  14. Cheryl Brooks says

    School has already begun here in Arkansas for my son. He loves the Peeps and this would be a great addition to the items we already purchased for this school year. He will especially love the lunch bag because he loves to pack his own lunch!! Very cool!

  15. My Peeps and I are ready for school, in style.

  16. ranee blankenship says

    running to walmart with the price match ads love gettin ready for school

  17. sharon orton says

    OMG! how stinking cute is this. I so would love to win this awesome giveaway. My daughter would totally rock at lunch and her class room with the fun little set it comes with. She would be so popular hahaha lol We have shopped and had so fun getting ready for school. This would top it off for sure. Thank you for this cool chance to win such a cool thing. We LOVE peeps in my house hold. In every way they come in lol Thanks again <3

  18. Suzie Lockhart says

    We are already back to school. They started August 1st, which has always seemed so early to me. My son loves Peeps and this would make a really good surprise for him. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. shopping for new clothes this weekend

  20. i liked are so cute and very colofull

  21. AAAAAHHHHH….back to a routine starting on Monday!

  22. My kids would LOVE to use this stuff at school! We’ve been busy getting new clothes for school.

  23. Started school 10 days ago. Still finding things we need to buy. Even my teenager would love this stuff.

  24. Stephanie Rollman says

    My daughter starts kindergarten this year. Bought her new shoes, new clothes and some supplies.

  25. Getting all the back to school supplies, clothes and shoes!

  26. lisa m brown says

    we are somewhat ready, iam, but the kids are not yet

  27. Rhonda Eppelsheimer says

    Back to school doesn’t start until Sept 4th so we have a few more days left. We have already clothing shopped, snack shopped, supply shopped so now we just wait until the big day. I would absolutely love to surprise my daughters with the Peeps collection. They would be thrilled since they think we are finished!

  28. Carrie Scaduto says

    My peep (son) is ready for his first year of Pre K- this year we are going to start the tradition my mom had with me and my brother… Home Made Back to School Chocolate Chip Cookies

  29. Getting all the supplies he needs to have a great start to the new year always helps with the first day jitters…

  30. Donna Evans says

    My grandson would love this. Hoping to win! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  31. Barbara M. says

    Almost ready for school. Getting my supplies and snacks .

  32. Peeps are too adorable, my sons are grown but still have plenty of Peep merchandise, and now we are getting my little nephews Peep-ed for school!!

  33. Susan Garton says

    Soooooo cute!

  34. Kristin Troska says

    Peeps are perfect for back to school. Fun.

  35. Ashley Owens says

    My kids are super excited they start Monday. The only thing we were able to buy is the backpacks so far. Litlle tight this month in my family ๐Ÿ™ Anyhow super cute products! Congrats to the winner!

  36. I have gathered school supplies for myself. I work at a school as a tutor and I am a Peeps fanatic. I buy supplies for some of the kids that dont have all that they need.

  37. danielle Keedle says

    Not only am I helping my son pick out his school items and clothes, I was accepted to a university to further my degree. Are first day of school is on the same day! We get to share eachothers experiences. Having fun picking up school supplies together

  38. Love PEEPS!!! They are so sweet and tasty. Now the cute things for school !!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  39. Best time of the year? When the school supplies start showing up on the shelves in the stores.
    Do I have children in school? NO. But I do have nieces and nephews and lots of neighbor’s and friend’s children I love to help out.
    What is my big secret? I love to shop for school supplies for myself! And to see the new PEEPS items makes it even more fun this year! Thank you

  40. Cherie Dangonini says

    LOVE Peeps!!!! My daughters are all ready for school to start next week!! They are so excited to wear their new stuff and see their friends again.

  41. Linda Henderson says

    I live with my daughter and her family and we are getting ready for back to school by replacing outgrown wardrobes. My grandson and granddaughter have grown so much that nothing fits them from last year. We are also stocking up on school supplies because they go through a lot. My granddaughter would love the peeps stuff.

  42. Almost done, finally able to have my daughter do it herself!! ya 16 year olds!!!

  43. Peeps for school sounds great. Peeps are wonderful for gifte also.


    I donated paper–notebooks—pens–folders to someone less fortunate.

  45. Analissa Cruz says

    great stuff

  46. Dorothy Troller says

    Each year the needs list for school supplies grows. It is fun getting the kids new things with fun colors. It would be fun to win the peeps sweepstakes and give them something new to talk about and share. You have such a fun and interesting site.

  47. Analissa Cruz says

    i would love to win this.

  48. We went and did all of our school shopping

  49. Been in school 2wks n, its hard getting back,into routune

  50. Karen Rogers says

    Even teachers like peeps!!!!

  51. Linda Thurber says

    I am already back to school. We are getting ready for the students to show up. And everyone loves peeps. Give Peeps a chance!

  52. Amy Vasquez says

    I have two kids in school this year. They both would love this!

  53. maggie grubbs says

    I Just love peeps!

  54. Kelly Scott says

    We’ve gotten some new clothes, new backpacks, and a bunch f school supplies. We’ve also started going to bed earlier and getting up early so the 1st day will be easier.

  55. peeps me

  56. Angela Veenstra says

    We have already started school, but still make sure we have peeps on hand for an afternoon snack. Even made a Sunflower cake made with Peeps.

  57. Kristine Killnas says

    Love peeps!!

  58. We are changing our summer bedtimes to school time. We’ve gone clothes and shoe sopping too!

  59. I love all of the Peep Stuff. As a teacher we are back at school and so many of my students have nothing. I would like to us these materials as “treasure” for my students. Thanks

  60. Kimberly X. says

    I have been making and freezing school lunches for easy on the go lunch. I also made a homework center for my kids to dive right into homework without distractions.

  61. Debra Readinger says

    I would love to see my granddaughter peep into class the first day with her peep lunch bag. She has gotten her school clothes and all she needs is the lunch bag and this one would be sooooooo cute.

  62. Cicely Kohlmeier says

    We just started back to school on Wednesday this week. But, we are still looking for a few things. But, we love Peep’s cute things. Love my Peeps!

  63. Peeps are my favorite. I would be the envy of all of my fellow teachers with this cool lunch bag!

  64. Making sure that i have all my back to school supplies and everything i need to make the first day at my new school as easy as possible.I have to travel from school to school state to state because my dad works in the army.Hope we can stay in one place for a few years this time.Im so looking forward to meeting new people.

  65. wendy massa says

    I dont want the summer to end but I’m ready to go back to school ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Piper Bridenbaker says

    Still need to do a little more having a teen, we don’t always see eye to eye on what I think she should wear…

  67. Christine Carr says

    Grandkids heading to first grade and pre-school…they’re MY peeps who would LOVE Peep’s supplies!

  68. would like to win ,great to reward for learning

  69. Bought school supplies and new clothes. Still trying to get them to start going to bed earlier!!

  70. MSgt Robert Toole, USAF Ret says

    Our god child just started his first day of school this week. He doesn’t like being alone without Mommy. So this should cheer him up.

  71. Lynn Gulkewicz says

    I remember getting ready for back-to-school! Kids hated it, but did look forward to it. New shoes, clothes, backpacks, etc. Fun!

  72. We LOVE peeps here….showing our love everyday at school would be awesome!

  73. I always wait for sales on school supplies and then stock up!

  74. My daughter is in a year round program, but last week her bus began picking up the other school that just started classes. So, ugh!, we have to get up 30 minutes earlier because the bus comes earlier…. Is it June yet?

  75. We are getting ready for back-to-school by making LOTS of lists and putting up a family calendar on the wipe board in our kitchen. We have to try to stay organized!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  76. I am a subscriber! We love Peeps!
    Thank you!

  77. These are so fun! Luv my peeps

  78. I am getting my nephew ready and I believe he would love peeps stuff

  79. Getting ready by purchasing stuff in July.

  80. Purchased new uniforms, shoes, and some supplies. Loving the Peeps designed school supplies!

  81. Victoria Teabo says

    My grandchildren would love this. They are in school already they started the 8th of August. we love Peeps and everything they offer Thank you for offering this giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Susie Kerner says

    I have a few nieces and nephews that would love these peeps

  83. there will be no back to school any time soon for my Nephew as that he just had spinal fusion surgery ( he has Scoliosis ) and has to be home schooled. Any supplies would be great for him

  84. Leah Brislin says

    School has already started here…this sure would be a nice pick-me-up for my kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. I would love to win

  86. Shopping for the cutest pencil bag and found some adorable animal print lead pencils.

  87. My two boys are so excited about school they have brand new cloths and they have a few items left to get for school. They got school lunch snacks all they need is an insulated bag to keep things cool. They enjoy easter time waiting for peeps to come out.

  88. betty hart says

    would like to win

  89. My son is already back to school and he’s loving it! He comes home every day with a bounce and a smile. He loves to learn and the Peeps set would make that grin even bigger I bet ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. it seems each year closer to high school the supply lists get longer and longer, and sometimes more expensive, and always more specific. We have to start buying after the 4th of july so we can get everything of everyones lists without breaking our bank all at once.

  91. Would love to win this for my grandchildren. They have already been back to school for about a week, but still need a few things. They love “Peeps”, and know they would love all the items in this contest. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  92. Tiffny Grimes says

    this will help my son start school in style, very cute! we would love to win this set. thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Mari Solis says

    Would love these for my grandsons school year.

  94. Jessicca Ruffell says

    My son is so into peeps that his sheets and blankets have peeps on them. I must admit I like them too.

  95. Shawna McKinley says

    Pencils, books, papers and school bags
    Sure hope the teacher is not a hag.
    Spelling, reading and multiplication,
    They are ready counting the days to vacation!

  96. Jessica Edwards says

    My son would looove this, they would surely help him get back to school a little cooler!

  97. These are so cool. My cousin is a new teacher, and I think these would be great to put in his “goodie box” which he lets the kids pick from when they do something good or something nice for another.

  98. dr appts all done got new glasses and all things needed would be nice to win my daughter loves loves loves peeps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. My kiddos went back to school on the 20th. I still feel like I forgot something, but this set of peeps gear would be awesome. We did all our school shopping on one day (for 4 kids that is a feat). It was clothes and school supplies all in one day. Then we went to open house and got a whole other list of items needed that were not on the school supply list and we went and got those, I think. Peeps gear would certainly brighten up someones day

  100. My daughter who is 15 understands the importance of a dollar. We have hit all the sales to spend the least on school supplies. Today we go to our favorite Thrift store for it’s weekly 49 cent sale for some “new” school clothes.

  101. This is my first year in a long time of not going back to school (just graduated from Graduate School in April). But I LOVE Peeps and would love to win!

  102. Alette Hatfield says

    This year was a little different for us money wise. The kids didn’t get a lot of new clothes and they decided to use their same backpacks from last year. There were no complaints which I think is because I have boys. Peeps prizes would be nice.

  103. Lori Conquest says

    I have my grand kids this year. It has been a long time since I have had to buy school supplies. Still not sure we got everything. LOL…

  104. Shirley Frickson says

    R U sure U wanna ask this question OMG I’ve been helping my daughter get the kids ready for 3 weeks now everything is so expensive and the kist of supplies the school asks for is endless it sure would be great fun to share this stuff with the grandbabies Thanx!!!

  105. alyssa herriman says

    Back to school shopping is the best time for my kids because they get to pick out all their new stuff. It makes my day to see them smile!!!

  106. Back in school, got the teacheer we wanted. Loving school ! We love everything to do with Peeps!

  107. We started school Thursday. Almost missed the bus the very first morning (but she was 10 min early :)). To get ready for back to school we’ve been clipping coupons and stocking up on items to make mornings and evenings go smoother. Thanks for being a fun place to hang out!

  108. No more back to school for me, as my son is long grown-up and gone from the nest, but we do buy school supplies and donate them, each year.

  109. Ellen Fisher, Sr. says

    Our grandaughter goes thru about 3 or 4 backpacks every school year. It’s no wonder, the books she has to carry are as heavy as bricks! We buy her one or two good backpacks durring school (of course of her choice). I could go into detail of our daughter,being a single MPM but, everybody has some kind of story……I’ll just put it this way, ” Boy would a “PEEPS” backpack be a fantastic great help! Thanks Mrs Ellen Fisher SR

  110. kate sylvester says

    its been a n interesting year-taking advantage of tax free days and coupons to get the kids started right

  111. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Clothes, shoes, backpacks, pencils, lunchkits and much more.

  112. Ruth Loughlin says

    Putting together different things for kids in need. Backpacks, paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, if I win I could give one set to a very special child.

  113. Ruth Loughlin says

    Forgot to say my kids are grown up, so every year I always do for kids who may not get anything new for the school year..

  114. Leigh Nichols says

    I’m cramming everything in this weekend- what an expensive ride!

  115. Jean Culbreath says

    This is an adorable set…my greatgrandson started this year to Kindergarden..He would love this as much as i do !!

  116. Alicia Calvin says

    oh this stuff is too cute! my daughter would die if she won it. We have already started back to school but was lacking some certain things she needed due to lack of funds. So winning anything would be a huge help!! We have been a PEEPS family as long as i can remember. Getting them in my easter basket was the highlight of the day.

  117. Mary Rutter says

    Nice looking items

  118. BECKY WILCOX says

    my granddaughter Emma loves PEEPS and wouild love to win this <3

  119. kathleen ray says

    money order sent to grand-daughter to buy back to school clothes

  120. Marie Gush says

    went to Walmart with coupons and list and stuck to it for school supplied and stock up on snacks and non perishables for packing school lunches

  121. maria castillejo says

    we went to walmart and got notebooks and folders and got some free school supplies from some nice lady were friends with

  122. sharon whelton says

    My kids started back to school already. (aug. 20). but we got all the supplies, clothes and haircuts that we needed and could afford..

  123. Spent the day emptying out the clothes that are too small so we can figure out what we need to buy, of course we love PEEPS and need to buy some of those.

  124. My children have been in school since Aug. 7. They really wanted new lunchboxes, but I had to
    “triage” the needs of our 5, one of which has special needs. This prize pkg. would be a special blessing to 2 little girls from Jayess, MS!! Wish us luck!!

  125. My kids would love to have those back 2 school stuff.

  126. Our school supplies were bought back in July. Just plain old whatever was on sale stuff.We are getting ready for school by taking a short, well deserved break to the beach to de-stress before school starts. My fifth grader would love to get something this wonderful to complete his last year of elementary school

  127. Kathy Johnson says

    My kids went back August 7. But we would love this stuff.

  128. Getting my ready for all the happy little faces who will be coming in next week. Just can’t wait!

  129. We homeschool but are looking forward to a new school year! We miss all the field trips with our group!

  130. I have been trying to pick up things for my 6 Grandkids to help out their parents through difficult times moneywise. They would love these fun and useful items.

  131. New shoes, new backpacks, new school supplies are part of the excitement of the new school year.

  132. My Kids love Peeps!
    They would love to add some of these items to their collection!

  133. Rhonda Porter says

    I lvoe Peeps, but I have to admit I have no kids or grandkids in school. If I win these will be for ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Emily Luker says

    These look so fun!! I would love to win! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  135. Laura Silv says

    Spent almost 6 hours yesterday just trying on and sorting school clothes because my daughter has gotten so much taller but not wider, so no regular sized anything fit… But now we know what she can wear and won’t spend any mornings frantically changing outfits!

  136. Denise Bigley says

    We finished all the school clothes shippong last week and this week got all the supplies.Tomorrow starts school.Yeah!!!!!

  137. Melissa Church says

    We have purchased school clothes, shoes and bookbags. Going now to buy supplies.

  138. Tiffany Hentschel says

    Back to school time rocks! Fun to see all the munchkins so excited for a new year. Each munchkin gets something fun to start their year. All are delivererd!

  139. Heidi Romero says

    I get ready for a new school year by having everything ready the night before which includes uniforms & breakfast ideas.

  140. I did clothes shopping and supplies too. Trip to the dentist, usually to dr to get forms filled for med for school but his asthma has improved and I will wait on that. I still need to buy shoes, haircut, and pop in school to pay fees too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. I went shopping for my four kids I’m glad I made it.just need to buy more shoes for my boys and ,I can’t forget the hair cuts. And get the girl hair done. Almost finish.

  142. SoCalCityKids says

    Winner announced over Labor Day weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Congrats to Suzzi C!!

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