Back-to-School Book Choices!

Internationally beloved podcast turned fun fact book for kids — STUFF KIDS SHOULD KNOW.

Love all the facts in this one!

Did you know that Mr. Potato Head was originally an actual potato? Or that dogs have 25 to 60 times more scent detectors than we do, making their sense of smell 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours?

Learn about all that and more in Stuff Kids Should Know (on sale August 1)!Written by the masterminds responsible for the beloved, award-winning podcast, Stuff You Should Know this is a gut-busting and brain-bursting nonfiction book for middle grade readers that offers an incomplete compendium of only the most interesting topics. 

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant are co-hosts of the Stuff You Should Know podcast, which has over a thousand episodes and millions of listeners (including a lot of kids). With this new book inspired by the hit podcast, Josh and Chuck want to make the everyday world extraordinary for kids, digging deeper into the “whys” and the “hows”. With plenty of clever insights, silly illustrations, and an array of topics, this book delves into stuff we all wish we knew more about. 

Better than apples! This entrepreneur-teacher’s sticker book makes the perfect back-to-school teacher gift!

I absolutely love this one!

As some of you know, I am going back to work this year as a Preschool Teacher. I am really looking forward to this new adventure! So, I was really excited to receive this book to feature. It really is delightful! From tantrums and sticky hands to missed assignments and skipping class, teachers handle it all. And it’s not always easy. Just in time for back-to-school season comes the perfect gift to say thank you to every educator for what they do. Teaching Is A Work of Heart (Workman Publishing; $12.99 US) is a sticker book to brighten up any teacher’s planner, lesson plans, or classroom.

If you’re looking for a teacher gift that’s better than an apple, look no further. Christine’s first-ever sticker book, Teaching is a Work of Heart is a practical yet adorable sticker book, including:

·       35 pages of stickers

·       650+ full-color glossy stickers

·       Stickers that show appreciation (“Teachers change the world”), stickers with humor (“Three reasons to become a teacher: June, July, August”) and stickers that just get it (“Tired as a teacher”), in addition to planner stickers.

Christine Lee, Med, OG-T, knows the challenges of teaching all too well. A teacher herself, Christine has always had a passion for illustrations, design, and creativity. During the pandemic, she decided to design stickers as a creative outlet, and soon discovered a vibrant community of sticker lovers. Now with a thriving sticker business Created by Christine and a 129k Instagram community at @createdbychristine, Christine lives out an inspiring example of balance: being a teacher by day, and entrepreneur-artist with a massive social following by night.

Find this one here.

New Family Activity Book “Play Together” by Laura Haver is a must-buy!

Highy reccomend this one!

I believe that play is so very important and I love how this book is about families playing together! There are so many fun ideas!

Play Together features over 60 of the best games and activities for children 12 and under aimed at promoting happiness, communication skills, healthy movement, increased emotional intelligence and more.

Play is one of the best parts of being a kid, stimulating healthy development and providing wonderful benefits that you and your children will enjoy for years to come. Plus it’s simple! Most games are screen-free and can be played in under 10 minutes using materials you already have on hand… or just your imagination!

Some of the games featured include:

  • Marble Mania Madness  
  • 3-2-1… Freeze!
  • The What If? Imagination Game
  • Cardboard Creations
  • Snap-A-Letter Scavenger Hunt  
  • Make Your Own Puzzle
  • DJ Art
  • Play Heart Art Journal
  • Rainbow Breathing
  • Floor Pong and more!

Play Together also includes helpful game hints, prompts to stimulate family conversations, and fun anecdotes from play expert Laura Haver on her own experiences creating and play-testing each of the games. Perfect for anyone looking to add more fun into their lives, Play Together will provide you and your children with endless hours of enjoyment and bring you closer together as a family.

About the Author

Laura Haver 
is a play, happiness and communication expert, author, speaker and life design coach. She has helped hundreds of individuals and families to experience more play, growth and inspiration in their lives. Laura is the founder of Author Moms (a community that connects, supports and inspires fellow writing moms) and Alchemy of Fun (a community for busy women who want to bring more fun, fulfillment and magic into their lives). She has been featured on the Today Show, CBS, Fox and more. She has over 25 years coaching experience in leadership, life design and tennis (for both children and adults). Laura lives in San Diego with her husband and two sons. Visit for more information.

Published by Hatherleigh Press.
Distributed through Penguin Random House.
Available wherever books are sold. Also available at

The perfect book for young children starting school!

Head Back to School with Amazon Bestseller, Benny the Brave! 

Going back to school can be exciting for many kids, but some may feel anxious or nervous going into the new school year. Whether kids are starting school for the first time or they’re returning to a classroom full of new faces – those back to school jitters are absolutely real. 

How can kids make sure their year is off to a solid start? Let Benny the Brave and Team Supercrew save the day! 

This Amazon bestselling children’s picture book tells the story of Sarah as she fears the first day of school. In Benny the Brave in the First Day Jitters, Benny reminds Sarah that it’s okay to feel scared, but that she has the power to change those thoughts. By teaching Sarah the power of being brave, she is able to overcome her anxiety and tackle the school day. 

Benny the Brave teaches kids the valuable lesson that their ‘worst case first day fears’ can go away when they tap into their inner superpowers – their emotions – and channel Benny’s top-notch tips. Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, each Team Supercrew story educates kids on how to change their thoughts and feelings.

Benny the Brave is just one of four books in the Team Supercrew ‘Emotions and Powers’ box set – now available on Amazon. Each superhero has a different power kids can unlock in themselves and prepare for a successful school year – no matter if they’re headed to a new school, grade or classroom. Through these fun, sometimes silly, and heartwarming stories, kids will start thinking about the first day of school as a new adventure. Some New York City teachers have even infused these books in their curriculum! 

 Banned Books Primer Sets to Fortify New Generation of Young Rebels Before Kindergarten.

BABY’S FIRST BOOK OF BANNED BOOKS | $9.99 paper over board], which was created to introduce children in the 0-5 years reading age group to some of our best-loved—and now most banned—children’s books.

Baby’s First Book of Banned Books is a clever and innovative way to introduce young readers to the themes and ideas found in banned books. Inside, young readers will find the core lessons introduced in the titles that have disappeared from classrooms and library shelves, including The Diary of Anne FrankThe Giving Tree, and The Kite Runner, among others. At a time when censorship and the suppression of diverse voices are becoming more prevalent in schools, the book provides a valuable tool for parents to engage their children in important conversations about freedom of expression and intellect while nurturing a new generation of young rebels yet untouched by the suffocating weight of hypocrisy and censorship in the classroom.

Find out more at

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post. Cover images and information were also provided.

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