AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World

Autism Breakthrough

AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World (on-sale April 1, to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day), Raun Kaufman argues it doesn’t have to be that way. Autism can be effectively treated and even a cure is possible – he’s living proof!


After his diagnosis with severe autism at age 2, Raun’s parents refused to accept his bleak prognosis. Rejecting traditional (and ineffective) behavior modification methods, they tried the opposite approach: rather than change their son’s autistic behaviors, they “joined” in his activities. In doing so, they forged a bridge from his world to theirs.


Flash forward to today—Raun is a thriving Ivy-league graduate with no trace of autism. With his parents, he runs the Autism Treatment Center of America whose world-renowned Son-Rise program—based on the groundbreaking methods that helped him recover—has helped thousands of autistics worldwide progress significantly and many fully recover.


In AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH, Raun shares the groundbreaking principles and strategies that helped him for the first time. He offers parents new hope through a scientifically proven roadmap for helping their children progress.

I received this book and found it a very interesting approach to dealing with the diagnosis of Autism. I highly recommend this to parents.


RAUN K. KAUFMAN is the Director of Global Education for the Autism Treatment Center of America. As the key spokesperson for ATCA and the Son-Rise Program, he conducts lectures and seminars worldwide and has worked with families and professionals for over 15 years. Kaufman has been featured on NPR, BBC, Fox News, and in People Magazine. He co-hosts the radio show Raun & Kristin: Bringing Hope Into Your Home on Autism Approved Radio.




“An innovative, alternative approach that directly empowers parents and caregivers.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Practical and upbeat…[Kaufman’s] personal faith in the program, his warmth, and the targeted application of principles will encourage readers to try his methods.”

Publishers Weekly

Autism Breakthrough must be read by every parent who wants a step-by-step plan to reach and transform their child with autism. The Son-Rise Program changed my life and [that] of my daughter. Today she thrives because I knew to ignore dire predictions and immerse her in the techniques described in Autism Breakthrough. I couldn’t recommend this book more enthusiastically for all parents and professionals. It turns the all-powerful principle of unconditional love into a practical blueprint that anyone can follow.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, #1 NYT bestselling author of The Power of Intention

“I learned more about my daughter by reading this book than I have through any other I’ve read since her diagnosis 11 years ago. If you’re a parent of a child with autism, this book truly is a must-read. With case studies, step-by-step instructions and an accompanying website, it’s an invaluable resource that may prompt you to rethink what and how your child can best progress to meet their full potential. No matter how old your child is, Autism Breakthrough can help you to connect with them in ways you may have never thought possible.”

Wendy Fournier, President, National Autism Association

“I highly recommend Autism Breakthrough. It combines the scientifically-validated therapies of The Son-Rise Program with an easy-to-read, informative approach. I frequently refer patients to The Son-Rise Program and have seen objective improvements in my patients. Autism Breakthrough will make huge impact.”

Phillip C. DeMio, M.D., Executive Director, American Medical Autism Board, & Chief Medical Officer, US Autism & Asperger Association

Autism Breakthrough provides enormous help to those who care for someone with autism…a revelation.”

Lawrence P. Kaplan, Ph.D., founder of US Autism & Asperger Association (USAAA)

Autism Breakthrough is remarkable. Kaufman has done a stellar job weaving together sensibility, science, and the meticulous learning from his own life experiences as a boy with autism. He shares the eye-opening perspective that turned his life around and that’s helped countless children around the world.

Julie Matthews, BS, NC, Leading Autism Diet & Nutrition Specialist, Co-Founder of Nourishing Hope®, Author of Nourishing Hope for Autism: Nutrition & Diet Guide for Healing Children

Autism Breakthrough is a unique, amazing book…an absolute essential for parents of and professionals working with children on the autism spectrum. Kaufman provides a well-written, accessible (and humorous!) breakdown of The Son-Rise-Program. The program, shown to improve communication and social skills in people with autism, uses a rich set of treatment procedures grounded in scientific principles, with current research attesting to its efficacy. Indeed, if I had a child with autism, I would definitely select The Son-Rise Program to help [them].”

Cynthia K Thompson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Communication Sciences and Neurology at Northwestern University


“If you’re the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, Autism Breakthrough was written just for you. The Son Rise Program is a fantastic treatment method…I’ve never [seen] a set of clinical principles as powerful, elegant and effective. The outcomes are truly stunning: children make concrete, sweeping progress, often far outstripping their original prognosis, and parents overcome feelings of devastation and learn to accept, enjoy and help their children. With humor and caring, Autism Breakthrough not only provides clear techniques, it’s a testament to the impact of hope, love and acceptance! I personally see applications of the principles in all clinical endeavors.”

Ted McCarthy, M.D., Former Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital


“With Autism Breakthrough, Kaufman has done what few in the field of autism treatment would dream of doing. He’s empowered parents to take charge again, given them real hope for change and armed them with tools and techniques to make those hopes a reality.  Our children are not ‘stuck’… autism is not hard-wired. My son fully recovered from autism to become his 6th grade class president (in a regular, mainstream school) thanks to the principles of The Son-Rise Program. Medicine today offers little other than a dismal prognosis. It doesn’t have to be that way! Many children completely recover using this program and whole families thrive. “

Wendy Edwards, M.D., Pediatrician, B.Sc.N., F.R.C. P. (C).


“A game-changer. If you’re the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, Autism Breakthrough gives you a whole new way to help your child. My own son is the beneficiary of the principles explained in Autism Breakthrough. I gave birth to him, but The Son-Rise Program gave him life.”

Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President, Autism Hope Alliance

“Kaufman has given a roadmap to unravel the autism mystery. In my forty years in the field of disabilities, I’ve observed how well-intended therapists with their sophisticated behavior plans have created more unwanted behaviors than benefits. Autism Breakthrough provides a commonsense guide on how to establish harmonious, humanistic relationships based on trust and unconditional acceptance and empowers people on the autism spectrum to relate and thrive…a significant contribution to the awakening of humanity to neurodiversity.”

Ken RoutsonAuthor of The Gifts of Autism & Alzheimer’s and Beliefology

Autism Breakthrough breaks the ‘autism is a life-long condition’ paradigm and shifts hopelessness to hope. As occupational therapists and international lecturers, we highly recommend this wonderful “user-friendly” resource with all the principles, strategies, and techniques needed to support those with social-relational challenges.  A must-read, not only for parents but all teachers and therapists who support those on the autism spectrum!”

MarySue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, Creators of Alert Program

“Insightful, personal, and accessible. A hopeful message and one which only a person that has looked through the eyes of an autistic child could offer.  Autism Breakthrough is a must read…its depth and practical advice empower you to join your child on their journey toward achieving their limitless potential.”

Alex Doman, Author of Healing at the Speed of Sound, Founder & CEO Advanced Brain Technologies



Self Disclosure: I received this book free to facilitate this feature.

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