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The New Year brings exciting new initiatives to Art House Co-op and the Sketchbook Project.  They recently launched their retrofitted, Mobile Library, a 16-foot interactive art exhibition on wheels.  This March it will hit the road for a new series of thematic Mobile Tours that will crisscross the back roads of America sharing the Sketchbook Project with more people in more places than ever before.

The concept of the Mobile Library came out of a need to make the project not only more sustainable but easier to travel with.  Through this model we can reach smaller, whistle-stop towns as well as major cities.  It only takes minutes to set up the exhibition and there is a limited impact on hosting venues.  Tours are leaner and more efficient, making more time for guests to check out and enjoy Sketchbooks.

Over the course of 2013, Sketchbook Mobile will visit cities from coast to coast exhibiting smaller, curated selections from our collection of more than 22,000 sketchbooks.  These exhibitions will be loosely thematic, encouraging participants to rethink not only how they use a sketchbook, but also how they perceive their own art practice.

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Event details:


Sketchbook Mobile Tours Begin June 2013.  Tour dates and cities include:

 The Even More Mysterious Maps Tour

Providence, RI June 13/Portland, ME June14/Montreal, QC June 17

The How to Tour

Baltimore, MD Aug 22/Richmond, VA Aug 23/Knoxville, TN Aug 26/Nashville, TN Aug 27

The Fill Me With…Tour

Memphis, TN Aug 29/St. Louis, MO Aug 30/Indianapolis, IN Sep1

1703 Miles and Back Tour

Milwaukee, WI Sep 19/Minneapolis, MN Sep 22/Rapid City, SD Sep 24

Capes, Masks and Tights Tour

Boulder, CO Sep 26/Santa Fe, NM Sep 28/Wichita, KS Oct 1

Right/Write When You Get There Tour

Kansas City, MO Oct 2/Louisville, KY Oct 4/Columbus, OH Oct 5/Pittsburgh, PA Oct 7


The Sketchbook Project and all tours are open for submissions. Please visit them online for details:

My son and I can’t wait to participate this year! We just received our books and can’t wait to start drawing! Check out their website to participate!


The Sketchbook Project


The Sketchbook Project is an interactive mobile library of artist’s sketchbooks contributed by creative people from across the globe. We encourage artists from diverse backgrounds, whether they are working artists, full-time parents, busy professionals, children or students to share their process with each other and our creative community. Participants sign up in person or online to receive a blank sketchbook, then fill it with their most amazing, inspired ideas and mail it back. The books are then cataloged in the Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection and exhibited at venues around the country in our Mobile Library.


About Art House Co-op


Art House is an independent, Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects. Our flagship endeavor is the Sketchbook Project: an evolving library that features more than 22,000 artists’ books contributed by creative people from over 130 countries. We operate the Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront exhibition space in the heart of Williamsburg, as a home for all of our projects.


Art House began in 2006 in Atlanta, GA and moved to New York City in 2009. Since that time, our small organization has grown into a worldwide community of more than 70,000 artists. By focusing on the intersection of hands-on art making and new technology, Art House nurtures community-supported art projects that harness the power of the virtual world to share inspiration in the real world.

Self Disclosure: *I received free sketchbooks to participate in this amazing project and to facilitate this feature* Sketchbook Project sponsored Feature.


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