Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner is a must-try!

It’s time for Spring cleaning and a new favorite of mine is the Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner. It’s so easy to use and you instantly smell a wonderful citrus scent within 15 seconds! I really was amazed at how quickly one of these works! You simply run your garbage disposal with a full stream of water for a minute and then turn off the disposal and run a slow stream of water. After that, you simply drop a capsule into the garbage disposal and turn on the disposal for 15 seconds. As I said, you will instantly smell the citrus scent.

It actually cleans with the power of baking soda and smells wonderful! You can even revive the scent by running the disposal with bursts of hot water. Now, how cool is that?! It is recommended that you use at least twice a week.

You can purchase at many locations including Amazon, and Lowe’s. Find out all the locations to buy them at here.

Self Disclosure: I am participating in the Arm & Hammer Ambassador program and received free samples/compensation to post. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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