Are you feeding Santa the right way?

You’ve trimmed the tree, baked the sweets and all that’s left to do is put Santa’s cookies out.


Picture it on Canvas, the custom printing company that specializes in creating accessories printed and personalized with users’ favorite images, is offering your readers a special code for Santa-pleasing essentials, perfect for adding a festive holiday touch to the goodies you’ll leave out on December 24.  


Serving Trays: Santa White or Gift Green? Leave your gingerbread cookies on one of these customizable trays, available in black or natural finishes.

Pillows/Throws: Equip your little ones with a comfy, holiday retreat while they await Santa’s arrival on December 24.

Mugs: The season isn’t complete without peppermint hot chocolates. Save these for your holiday party or put Santa’s milk in a Gift Blue patterned mug.  

Coasters: Warming up a special beverage for Santa? Rest it on a Snow Man patterned coaster.


These would also make great gifts for the New Year! I received samples of the Coasters and love them! They would make a great holiday gift! Check out website for these and many other wonderful gift ideas!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this holiday gift suggestion feature. Photo Credit:


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