Adi, the world’s first Stay-Put Plate for babies and toddlers

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San Diego startup, Prodigi Kids, is about to roll out a revolutionary concept in the world of feeding called “Adi,” an award-winning stay-put plate for babies and toddlers aimed at minimizing mealtime messes.


Invented by Karen Weiss Kart, an attorney turned entrepreneur and mom of three, Adi is a stylish, modern, and whimsical plate that appeals to parents and children alike.  “Adi not only looks adorable in a penguin shape, but really stays on a tabletop or high chair as well” says Kart.


Adi is the only plate specifically engineered to stay in place. Its innovative, patent-pending design includes a strong suction base combined with a quick release tab allowing for easy parent removal.  The plate has three separate compartments and a snap-tight lid that keeps food neatly in place so you can take it everywhere you go.


Through a Kickstarter campaign, Prodigi Kids’ goal is to raise $34,000 for production of these plates.  Adi is the first of its kind, and anyone interested in pre-ordering them may do so on Kickstarter on Monday, September 15th.


Director of Early Childhood Education at the JCC, Alma Hadash Geiger, has been excited to watch Karen go through the process of creating Adi and polling moms’ opinions every step of the way.  “It was only when I went to 4 stores looking for a real nonslip plate for my grandson’s visit that I fully realized how needed Karen’s precious stay-put plate was. Put me on the list for Adi!”


“Part of what drove me to create Adi was this desire to have a product that I could trust to stay in place because I tried everything on the market and nothing worked with my kids. When my daughter was 18 months old, she grabbed a placemat that was supposed to stick to the table and sent it flying in the air like a frisbee. Seconds later, it landed on a man seated at the table next to ours, and his head and white dress shirt were covered with tiny pieces of spaghetti and meatballs, red sauce, and peas.  I was mortified,” says Kart.


“Adi is the biggest thing to happen to a plate,” says Kart. “We set out to create the best product ever and thought about every single element of the design and functionality. Our desire was to truly make parents lives easier with their little ones and give them a product that they could trust really works.”


Kickstarter named them as a Staff Pick within 2 hours of going live! Now, that is pretty cool!

About Prodigi Kids

Prodigi Kids is a San Diego company started by Karen Weiss Kart. Her kids are the real life inspiration for creating products whose sole intent is to bring a smile to the faces of parents and children everywhere!  For more information on Prodigi Kids, visit

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