A Sneaky Math extra for Pi Day (Math’s only holiday)

The media notes ‘Pi Day’ each year, but only mentions that it has something to do with circles, or that there may be a local pie(!)-eating contest.

Pi Day should be about Making Math Memorable with hands-on activities. Now you can prove Pi yourself in your own hands with your own Sneaky Pi Detector. Grab one free at: http://www.sneakymath.com – print it, cut it out, and wrap it around a cylindrical item to discover its diameter and circumference all via the magic of Pi.

See more free projects and how-to videos at SneakyMath.com and share the fun with your friends.

Sneaky Math is a project-based math book and the latest title in the Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things series. Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association, Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things is a nine book science education best-selling series featured in the Los Angeles Times, U.S. News & World Report and on CNN Headline News.

Credit: Cy Tymony, Author of Sneaky Math. 

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