A Quick Look at California’s Smaller (and Safer!) Theme Parks

With summer rapidly approaching, parents are looking for fun places to take the kids. California is always a great place for families because there is so much to do and see. With so many theme parks and beaches, there is almost too much to choose from! However, you aren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of being pushed and shoved in elbow-to-elbow crowds and so you are probably looking for some attractions which won’t be as big, and probably not nearly as dangerous.

Every Parent’s Nightmare – Losing a Child in the Crowd

Not only can you quickly lose sight of kids who tend to wander away if you don’t keep them tightly in hand, but there is always that off-chance that they will willingly go with a stranger, which is every parent’s nightmare. You might want to check on sites like Parent Guide to get tips from other parents who have found ways to keep their kids close in crowds. You’d be surprised at some of the innovative ways they’ve discovered. In the meantime, here are some alternatives if you have your heart set on a vacation in California this year.

Adventure City in Anaheim

While it isn’t the massive Disneyland Resort, Adventure City is nearby and for some, even more fun. It’s like stepping back in time with roller coasters dating back all the way to the 1940s and a really spectacular place for family photo ops. You will also find a petting farm and a place where the bunnies roam (Canoodle), along with an assortment of larger rides that the tweens would probably prefer. Located just outside of Los Angeles, it’s close enough to downtown where mom can get in plenty of shopping, especially in the Fabric District where materials by the yard are so much cheaper than they are back home.

Santa Monica Pier and Beach

Just to the west of LA is Santa Monica Pier and Beach. Here is where kids can have a field day. Not only does the amusement park date back over 100 years but it’s located on the pier itself. It isn’t Coney Island in the East, but it sure is the next best thing. The amusement park itself is called Pacific Park, and no wonder because, as mentioned, it is actually on the Pacific Ocean – the coast that is! From the park, it’s just a short distance to the long, sandy beach where the family can get a quick dip in the ocean and spend a bit of time resting in the warm Southern California sun.

These are just a couple of examples of where you can go that isn’t nearly as crowded or as large as the main SoCal attractions, but they are delightful nonetheless. For a longer list of small but amazing attractions in California, check out the Visit California website. Take your time planning because there is much to offer. You may want to spend a day at Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Knotts Berry Farm, but then again, with so many smaller attractions to visit, you might not have time this summer. Maybe next year, but for now, there’s plenty to do without spending a small fortune. Have fun in the Golden State and see you next year!

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