A DIY Holiday

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Design and function offer the perfect gift for new families looking to capture that first smile this holiday as LivingPlug introduces its DIY and personalized Faceplate program to its energy-efficient line of INLETs. The INLET turns a standard outlet into three receptacles helping organize electronic devices while also providing a USB charger. And for families with small children the INLET includes a tamper resistant feature for childproofing.

“Most people don’t think about the outlet until it electrocutes a child and when we learned over 2,400 children visit the hospital because of playing with the outlet we created a design-worthy, multi-use product that could reduce accidents along with the energy bill,” says co-founder Samuel Leichman. “Capturing a child’s expression or an inspirational quote, or an artistic image on a faceplate turns the ugly outlet into a unique design element for any room in the house or office.”

During the holidays, power to light up trees, twinkling house lights and other decorations can increase monthly bills by more than $5 a day or $150/month. The “UNplug” button allow users to stop power to devices when not in use without pulling cords from the wall. On average, plugged-in electronic devices are 15-25% of the monthly bill.

The LivingPlug INLET retails for $25 and each faceplate is $25. Personalizing is FREE. Just upload an image and order. Preview the holiday collection or purchase online at LivingPlug or on Amazon.  Please visit LivingPlug for more information.

Credit:  LivingPlug. No compensation or products were received. I have reviewed LivingPlug in the past.



  1. This really helped me out alot. i was debating over when i am fighting whether to go with Bruce Lee’s theory of inegtceprint, or to do a boxing move called a reaction counter. Now i know its better to intercept rather than to block then hit.

  2. Vi håller tummarna för att vi kommer iväg, att marathonet blir av och att stan inte är allt för död! Följer nyheterna slaviskt!!

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