A complete innovation merging 8 children bikes into 1!


In the present, parents more and more often look for smart investments, including things for children that don’t have to be replaced over and over again because they outgrow them.  

Leggo Bikes LLC has designed an 8-in-1 bike suitable for children ages 8 months to 6 years.

 The light birch plywood frame comes with an ability to accommodate eight modifications which give additional support for learning to walk, improve the feeling of balance and enable an option for pedaling! Your child for more than 5 years can enjoy the freedom of rocking and riding on one safe and harmless toy.

 In addition to various versions, Leg&Go is also safe. Its unique frame design provides incredible suspension travel absorbing shock and safeguarding your child’s spine. The frame is unique not only because of the suspension, but also its angles are developed so that the frame automatically shifts the shock from saddle to wheels. And, Leg&Go has a better steering mechanism with readjustable steering limiter and bigger front wheel for more precise steering.
For more comfort, there are fine screws and holes at set positions that can help you alter its seat, steering, and frame. Thus, you can have a wide range of options to customize this bike per your kid’s riding or steering requirements. Being flexible in size, it allows each child to master balance at their own pace and start pedaling with complete confidence and reduced risk of falling. With regard to loosing balance, Leg&Go being made from wood has a quality that metal bikes don’t- wood takes on a part from hit, preventing or significantly reducing the severity of injury.
The bike has a stylish, waterproof design. Leg&Go is not only elegant in looks, but it also ensures safety of the environment. The eco-friendly birch plywood-frame design enables the perfect thickness for maximum flexibility and durability.
The use of each Leg&Go part has been carefully thought through, which is why it has alloy rim, steel spokes, wider polyurethane saddle, belt instead of a chain and the best fitting mechanisms for pedaling. 
There is nothing like this on market and in order to bring the completely new invention to reality, Leg&Go team has launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Visit their website www.leggobike.com or take a closer look at their Kickstarter project to learn more about Leg&Go.
Words can only capture so much, but this video does an awesome job of showing how versatile the Leg&Go truly is. 
Leg&Go truly is.
Twitter: @LegGoBike
Instagram: leggobike
Self Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Leg&Go. Compensation was received to post and a review was not completed by SoCal City Kids. I do believe that this would be an interest to our readers.  I have to say I wish this had been around when my son was younger.

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