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Serafino Glasses by Ozeri

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Looking for glasses that you can have hot drinks and cold drinks in and the glasses do not burn your fingers when there is hot liquid in them. Well..these glasses work perfectly! I can pour hot tea or coffee in them and they do not burn my fingers. I can also leave them in the freezer and they don’t freeze my hands when I drink cold drinks in them. I love these glasses by Ozeri! I can even put them in the microwave! I love that they are made of heat and shatter resistant glass and they really do seen stronger than your average glass. But, my favorite thing is that the glasses keep my drinks hot or cold without making my fingers too hot or cold. I love that these 12 0z glasses are available in a set of 4 and the 8 oz size is the perfect size for my son!

 Each set contains 4 handmade glasses designed for lifetime use. The Serafino glasses are completely microwave and freezer safe, and ship in an elegantly printed and carefully packaged box with a 1 year warranty.
You can find them at :
Self Disclosure: I received this product for free but any opinions expressed are my own. PhotoCredit: Ozeri.


Serafino Double Wall 16 oz Iced Tea & Coffee Glasses


Looking for glasses that you can have hot drinks and cold drinks in and the glasses do not burn your fingers when there is hot liquid in them. Well..these glasses work perfectly! I can pour hot tea or coffee in them and they do not burn my fingers. I can also leave them in the freezer and they don’t freeze my hands when I drink cold drinks in them. I love these glasses by Ozeri! I can even put them in the microwave! I love that they are made of heat and shatter resistant glass and they really do seen stronger than your average glass. But, my favorite thing is that the glasses keep my drinks hot or cold without making my fingers too hot or cold.

 Each set contains 2 handmade glasses designed for lifetime use. The Serafino glasses are completely microwave and freezer safe, and ship in an elegantly printed and carefully packaged box with a 1 year warranty.
You can find them on Amazon.
Self Disclosure: I received this product for free but any opinions expressed are my own. Photo Credit: Ozeri.


It’s Time for Holiday Gift Suggestions!

Here are the top choices for shopping online this Holiday Season!

Know someone who loves to listen to music when they go running?


The Orcas 2.0 by Outdoor Tech are a must-buy! They are Wireless Earbuds that work great and are also sweat-proof, water resistant and light-weight! They retail for $79.95 and can be found here.

This next one is a little different! But, this one is a lot of fun!


I always thought that it would be cool to have a Big Yellow Duck!

The Giant Yellow Duck, a swimming pool inflatable that offers both its traditionally adorable look and ample space for three kids to hop on and make a splash this holiday season. This one will be a hit this Holiday season!

World-class pool toy company The Giant Yellow Duck ( offers the experience of family time and lasting memories throughout the year. While the big Ducky comes in an easily wrappable box perfect for placing under the tree, once inflated it is ready for impressive pool play at a stable 6-feet long and 5-feet wide.

The holiday gift retails for $59 at and includes free shipping to U.S. customers. It also ships to Mexico and Canada. It has been labeled “the hottest pool toy of 2016” and is an attractive head-turner when out on the water, such a lovable emblematic toy to bring to the pool.

The next suggestions are from Mudpuppy!

Mudpuppy has over 150 Award-winning children’s toys and activities including new Coloring Rolls, Santa Craft Kit, and  Oppenheim Platinum Award-winning Puzzle Play Sets!

img_4563   img_4547

img_4565      img_4543


I received a few of their products and were quite impressed! My favorite is the Coloring Roll but I also highly recommend the Puzzle Play Sets!

You can find them all here!  I highly recommend the Andy Warhol Happy Bug Day Board Book  and the Coloring Rolls. I love the coloring rolls because they are 10 feet full of coloring fun and includes crayons! Perfect for ages 3+.

The  In the City Constructibles is also pretty cool!  This one has 25 interlocking shapes that feature urban designs to create colorful 3-D sculptures. It is also glows-in-the dark! Now, how cool is that!?

The next one is a quick and fun game for the 7+ on your shopping list!


Fast Flip for Blue Orange Games is a lot for fast fun! I like that is a quick game and is portable so it is perfect for travel! It would also make a great stocking stuffer!  Perfect for 2-8 players.

Find out more here! 

Have a Pokemon Fan in the the house? The New Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon  games are a must! I just love the graphics in these games and highly recommend! Find them at a retailer near you! They can also be found online this holiday season!


Have a Basketball fan?

Dwyane Wade’s “Get it Hoops” is a fun gift idea!


Your kids can play basketball anywhere and record their highlights to share online with their friends with the built in app!  When the ball goes through the hoop, it tells the app to create the highlight loop to upload to social or share with family and friends!  The hoop also has live action game sounds that magically communicates each shot to the Get It Hoops app and keeps score!
I like that this one doesn’t have complicated setting up to do and it is fun for all ages!
Only 19.99 sold at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and on
This next one is for all Beach Lovers and I think all Moms will love it too!
Lava® Lamp Releases New Unique Lamps for Upcoming Holiday Season!
My favorite is the one pictured above! The Sandcastle Lamp ($29.99).  This one sits on my desk and I just love it! It makes me think of sunny Summer days at the beach!

But, Lava® Lamp has a variety of new options friends and family will love including:For the Teenager: Glitter CHALKBOARD Lava Lamp ($22.99) This one is also really cool!

But they also have many others to choose from such as:

  • For Dad: COLORMAX Northern Lights with Tri-Colored Globe ($22.99)
  • For the Music Junkie: COLORMAX Concert with Tri-Colored Globe ($22.99)
  • For the Adventurer: Fireplace Lamp ($29.99)
  • For the College Student: MINI Volcano Lam-Battery operated ($19.99)
  • For the Artist: Designer – Hand Painted Rainbow Lava Lamp ($39.99)
  • For the Traveler: Designer – Deco Print Lava Lamp ($39.99)

Find them all here!

This next one is guaranteed to provide fun and laughter and may even get your little ones outside!

Put down your screens and let Fuzzy Flyers provide the entertainment with hilarious phrases, challenging games, and social interaction!


Meet Coco and Chirpie… talking, tossable fuzzy friends!

I received Coco and this one is adorable!  My favorite is the Dance Party game!

Coco’s Games

  • Dance Party • Do the Coco dance! Keep the song playing by doing the right dance moves as Coco barks them out. See if you can keep up in fast mode.
  • Bark Attack • Roll Coco into a room with your target. When it stops moving, Coco spews loud, annoying barks until it’s picked up!

Chirpie’s Games

  • Egg Toss • Throw Chirpie to your teammate and catch it softly so you don’t “break its egg”. Every time you catch Chirpie without it breaking, take a step back.
  • Sky Bird • Keep Chirpie in the air to cool it down. If Chirpie gets “too hot”, you lose. Careful, it will “heat up” quickly in your hands. Pass levels of increasing difficultly, and go for the high score!


For more information, please visit:


Something for the Adults!




Sun-Staches are the absolute PERFECT thing for anyone looking to have a little…okay…A LOT of FUN!


And both, ADULTS & KIDScan get in on the fun!

You may have seen these guys on Shark Tank! They were on Season 6 and got a deal with Daymon Smith.

Sun-Staches are a new, fun style of eyewear PERFECT for holidays or any occasion and are the answer to all your fashion follies.

They’re also perfect for tailgating, parties, playtime and gag gifts for you and you kids!

Sun-Staches are made for adults and kids, too!

Their Holiday Sun-Staches will make you the life of this season’s parties!

Pokemon Sun-Staches are absolutely PERFECT for playing the game with your friends! (You may remember I featured at Halloween time!)

To see many of the awesome Sun-Staches styles, visit:

 Sun-Staches are also available at Target, Spencer’s, Hot Topic, Party City and other national retailers.


Do you have someone on your shopping list that would love a Tumbler, water bottle, mug, sippy cup or wine glasses?

Tervis has you covered!

I just love their Tumblers! These are not just for kids! I love the Peanuts and Harry Potter styles!


American-made drinkware products with a lifetime guarantee. Tumblers, water bottles, mugs, sippy cups and wine glasses.

Thousands of designs from every major brand (NFL, Disney, Marvel, Harley. Hello Kitty, etc.). You can personalize and design your own.

Unbreakable – Dishwasher safe – Reduces Condensation – Hot & Cold drinks

Price $11-$30

For more information, go to:

I love this next one for younger children!


CozyPhones Kids Soft Fleece Headphones!

What I like is that they are soft and comfortable to wear! They also come in cute character styles such as The Whatif Monster and Panda. They are perfect for travel and are lightweight and washable! They are so much more comfortable than regular headphones for children. They retail at  $29,99 but are on sale right now for $22.97.

I received the WhatIf Monster and it is too cute! You can see it and all the other styles here! 


Looking for really cute clothing for Babies and Toddlers? 


Since 2004, Simply Chickie, based out of Newport, RI, has offered only the best organic baby clothing and 100% organic cotton baby wearproduced in the USA. Simply Chickie is a line of witty organic clothing designed to spread laughter!

Simply Chickie was inspired out of founder, Gwen Gardner’s battle with cancer and the love of her new baby daughter.

Created with the softest 100% organic cotton, Simply Chickie not only provides whimsical onesies for your little one hats, tees and gift sets, but they make great t-shirts and bags for women, too! All Simply Chickie designs are crafted based on inspiration that is sparked from interacting with Gwen’s daughter, and sometimes her friends. All of the designs are so cute and make fabulous gifts! There are nautical themes, like observations and of course…Chick designs!

To create much of the original artwork, I initially cut pieces of beautiful paper found on my travels around the world to form the outline. I then paint in the details as necessary. The design is transposed and enhanced on the computer and ultimately printed on baby rompers, t-shirts, and hats. This entire process is done piece-by-piece–in an authentic fashion–truly handmade.


Just look how cute this is! The shirt is soft and the print is simply adorable! I can’t wait to give this one to my niece this Christmas!

For more information, please visit:

Is a New Mom or baby on your shopping list?


Chewbeads are stylish and add extra interest and color to your outfit. Not only are these necklaces attractive and stylish, but they are also completely safe for your baby or toddler to chew on when they are teething. Baby-safe jewelry for new moms is becoming much more popular, and this selection made of 100% safe silicone is ideal, because it looks like a fashionable necklace and not a string of baby toys hung around your neck.


  • no bpa, phthalates, lead, cadmium, or heavy metals
  • no detachable parts
  • breakaway clasp
  • clasp is not chewable, chewing on clasp may cause necklace to lose functionality
  • inspect all jewelry before use, if any beads are damaged, please dispose of or return to manufacturer for a replacement
  • chewbeads are intended to be worn by adults, are not a toy, and are not intended to be worn by children
  • Chewbeads have been thoroughly tested by a global CPSC accredited laboratory to assure that they will not break apart or detach in a baby’s mouth & that they are non-toxic, however, with all jewelry, chewbeads should not be left with any baby unattended

For more information, go to:



Looking for a Bike Helmet this Holiday for the Kids?

brainskinz™ are fun, changeable helmets that your kids will love to wear! brainskinz™ are colorful, playful, and just plain fun. brainskinz™ can be worn pretty much any time your kids are in motion, and when they get tired of a design, they can simply detach the current Shell and choose another from their collection. Keeping it fresh means keeping them on their melons!

This next one is great for the Kitchen!


The Ozeri 11 Piece All-In-One Silicone Utensil Set!

This is the only Utensil Set you need! I love the bright colors and it looks great on my Kitchen counter! The set includes: a lrg. spoon, whisk,tongs, ladle, skimmer, pasta server, four spatulas and a holder. They seem to be good quality and I love using them for cooking an baking. They are a real must-buy and are a great gift too!

You can find it on

Looking for a really cool puzzle for the older kids on your shopping list?


Ravensburger 3D Statue of Liberty Puzzle is really quite cool!

The Statue of Liberty 3D puzzle features 108 carefully-constructed plastic puzzle pieces, including curved and hinged pieces that interlock to create a colorful, 15 inch copy of this famous American landmark. I like that this is great for those Tween and Teens on your list. It’s not so complicated that it can’t be put together but it definitely isn’t for the little kids. I know with my teen..if a puzzle is too easy, he has no interest. This one is definitely a hit!

This one can be found at Walmart and this holiday season!

Looking for Calendars for the New Year?


I just love this one I received from Gone Reading! I am a big Alice in Wonderland fan and love the colorful illustrations in this calendar! It’s simply beautiful! The Alice in Wonderland 2017 Wall Calendar consists of twelve monthly grids and full-color artwork.  Dimensions are 12″ x 13″ when closed, opening to 12″ x 26″.  Printed using soy-based inks on FSC® certified paper.

Gone Reading also has a variety of other literary-themed calendars. Check them out here.

Bath time goodies also make great gifts!

unnamed    unnamed-1unnamed

Everyone bath essentials are perfect for the whole family!

Everyone Botanical Bubble Bath

 Formulated in the same popular scents as the Everyone Bath Soaks, these relaxing, uplifting bubble baths are made with Coconut-derived cleansers. Each bubble bath offers an extra foamy bath, Vitamin E, and our EO® Organic Herbal Blend of Aloe, Chamomile, Calendula and White Tea extracts to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Available in: Eucalyptus + Citrus, Geranium + Sweet Orange, Juniper + Cedarwood, Grapefruit + Black Pepper

Price: $12.99 / Availability:

Everyone Epsom Salt Bath Soak

 A delightful combination of Epsom salts, Organic Olive oil and targeted essential oil blends formulated to help you relax after a long day. These bath soaks will help you relax and unwind.

Available in: Eucalyptus + Citrus, Juniper + Cedarwood, Grapefruit + Black Pepper, Geranium + Sweet Orange

Price: $12.99 / Availability:

Everyone 3-in-1 Botanical Soap

 Generously sized and priced for the whole family to share! Delight your senses with four pure essential oil scents in Mint + Coconut, Citrus + Mint, Lavender + Aloe, Coconut + Lemon, as well as an Unscented, great for those who are sensitive to scent or prefer to create their own signature scent by adding pure essential oils. For even more scents, check out the 3-in-1 Soaps for Men and 3-in-1 Soaps for Kids.

I tried out the 3-in-1 Botanical Soap and this one truly is perfect for the whole family! I love that my son can also use it. Sometimes he seems to have sensitive skin but this one works great! I like the smell and that our whole family can use it. 

Price: $10.99 / Availability:

Are you looking more Personalized gifts?

Stamp Out  is a place to look online! They have a wide variety of gift ideas from personalized Journals to Christmas ornaments! They also have really nice Return Address Stamps that you can personalize with your name and address.


My favorite is the “Future belongs to those”  personalized Journal. It’s big so you can write a lot and would make a great holiday gift for the New Year!  It is beautiful and a great personalized gift for someone special!


Find all their wonderful gift ideas at

Here are a few great game suggestions for the kids that are 7+!



7+, 2 players

X’s and O’s are taken to a whole new dimension in this one-of-a-kind strategy game. Players build a wall of bricks by placing their pieces on top of each other. The first player to align four of their symbol or color in a row wins! But watch out! Each brick contains both your symbol/color AND those of your opponent. So each time you add a new piece, you risk helping your opponent win the game!

This one is a lot of fun! I also like that you only need 2 players to play!



7+, 1-6 players

Develop your eagle eye abilities with this new twist on a classic “find the differences” game! Each card has 5 images on it- one Original and four with variations. Players use the process of elimination to locate the Original by pointing out differences in the other four pictures. This brain teasing game will delight kids of all ages as they race to spot the differences in the printed pictures.

My younger niece and nephew really liked this game and this one is a fun family game!


This one would make a great Stocking stuffer!


7+, 2 players

U-turn is a strategy game that will challenge your visual perception and critical thinking skills. You must remain aware of each of the six different sides of the structure, while thinking ahead about how each piece you add will affect the future shape of the game.

Check out the Store Locator for the three games by Blue Orange Games.

If you live in Sunny Southern California, this next one is a real must-have!

A Wavestorm 7ft  or 8ft Kids Stand Up Paddle board!

I received this one late last Summer and it’s perfect for a beginner! This board doubles well as a fun and effective surfboard! (Stay tuned on this one..I will be posting again in the Spring!)



I love that it is lightweight and can double as a Surfboard! I have only used it as a Paddle Board so far but plan to try surfing this coming up Spring!

Looking for a great gift for a 2 year old? I love this one!


Daniel Tiger PhoneKids will have a grr-ific good time playing with the Daniel Tiger Phone. It’s so easy to use; just press any of the 6 character buttons to hear fun phrases and songs from the show. It also includes 0-9 number callouts and green and red phone buttons that play the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme song. As an extra added feature, the trolley can slide from side to side and plays Trolley’s ding ding sound.
I had one of my youngest reviewers check this one out and it was a hit! He actually stopped trying to take his Mom’s cellphone away for the day!  I like that it is easy to use and the songs and fun phrases aren’t annoying if you hear them over and over. 
Age: 2+, SRP $9.99.
Do you have a little girl ages 3+ that you are shopping for this Holiday Season? I highly recommend this next one!
Kate & Mim-Mim Magic Twirl  Mim-Mim, a large plush version of the purple funny bunny that kids can twirl around just like on the show. He also says 10 fun phrases (SRP $19.99). This one is fun and will be guaranteed to be a hit! This is a real fun toy that will make your child laugh!  Look for it at Walmart and other retailers near you. A Kate & Mim-Mim Adventures with Kate Doll is also available this Holiday season. This is a beautiful 8.5” doll dressed in her signature adventure outfit (SRP $12.99); plus collectible figures, beanie plush and surprise bags.


Self Disclosure: I received free (or heavily discounted ) products to facilitate this Gift Suggestion post. No other compensation was received. Some photos were provided.