9 Ways to Plan Your Destination Engagement

Everyone grows up believing that their wedding day will be the best day of their lives. Though dreams of candyfloss dresses and romantic first dances color many people’s’ childhoods, it is their engagement day which will eventually hold an extra special place in their hearts. Some engagement traditions have changed over the years, but there is no denying that you will want your proposal to go off without a hitch. Choosing to take your engagement overseas adds even more luxury, romance, and beauty to your big moment.

Choose the perfect destination

The most important part of a destination engagement is the location. Ideally, you will need to choose somewhere that oozes romance, like a sunny beach destination, a European city, or a secluded mountain retreat. Wherever you choose, you must do so with your partner in mind. This will be a day that both of you remember for the rest of your lives, which means that you should follow your heart when you are searching for somewhere to go.

Pick luxury lodgings to match

Once you are happy with your location, you can get to work on looking for some luxury lodgings to stay in. In the past, even the thought of splurging on a destination engagement was enough to make hearts skip a beat- and not in a good way. Luckily, these days there are various adults-only resorts that are ideal for such an occasion. Some couples may also see this as a great way of testing out resorts for their honeymoon.

Create time in their schedule

Clearing your own schedule is the easy part. The real challenge is finding a way to whisk your partner away without arousing suspicion. Most people cover their tracks by claiming their getaway is merely another romantic weekend away. However, you could go all out and organize their time off work with their boss. They may be willing to spare your partner when they know what the trip is for. If you have kids, try asking for loved ones for help.

Pack the ring carefully

An engagement isn’t an engagement without a ring. There have been countless times where people have lost their ring on the way to their destination, causing extra stress to arise. Sometimes, this can ruin the entire engagement. Before you depart, make sure you pack the ring away somewhere safe. This could be in a bag close to your body, or in a hidden pocket in your luggage. In any case, remember to keep it out of sight of your partner.

Plan for the proposal

All your vacation planning and well-meaning secrets will be leading up to one moment: the proposal. Without a plan, you could find that unwanted nerves and sleepless nights stop you from enjoying the time with your partner. If you can, write a small plan about how you are going to propose. It could be that you take your partner out for a candlelit meal, or that you write out your proposal in the sand. There are lots of options, so make sure you choose one you are most comfortable with.

Or keep it understated

For lots of people, taking their partner away for their engagement is already a grand gesture. This means that an unplanned proposal may suit them better. If this is you, always keep the engagement ring on you. This way, you can propose during any moment you feel is best. Sunsets, morning breakfasts, and even beach hikes are all understated but beautiful times that could work. This spontaneity can even bring a whole new kind of romance to your engagement.

Build the excitement

When married couples look back on their engagement, they will say one of two things: that they always saw it coming, or that it was a total surprise. Building the excitement can add some more fun to a stressful process for you, but it can also keep your partner on their toes. It may also be helpful for people trying to gage the reaction their partner may have. This can be tricky to do, but you can start by dropping tiny hints before you propose.

… But also keep it a surprise

There is a very fine line between dropping hints, and implying that a destination engagement is definitely on the cards. For example, telling your partner’s friends could mean the plan gets back to them. Telling a select few about your ideas will instead allow them to keep your partner distracted from your planning. When your big moment arrives, you will notice how there is nothing more wonderful than seeing the surprise light up your partner’s face.

Don’t forget the engagement shoot

You may think that your engagement is all over once you have popped the question and sealed the deal. However, you will still have a few more days to relax in your location. Use this time to have an engagement shoot. This moment won’t happen again, so it’s wise to capture the memories you have made. Hiring a photographer is the best way to have a high-quality shoot, but those keeping track of their finances may prefer the simple beauty of using their own camera.

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