9 Simple Tricks You Can Teach Your New Puppy

Many people think that puppies are too young to start basic training.


But just because your puppy is walking around aimlessly without a clue in the world, that doesn’t mean you can’t get those mental juices flowing.


Starting puppy training early is a good investment in your new best friend. It will ensure good communication, trust and balance throughout your relationship with your puppy.


The following nine tricks are super simple to teach, and your puppy will pick them up quickly during its first six months.


Here goes!



The first and easiest trick to teach your puppy is sit. You can teach her to sit within five minutes, and it will take about three days for your puppy to sit at command without a treat. Simply hold a treat closed in your hands at nose level and only open your hand when she sits. Once she sits, praise her and then repeat the exercise twice more.


Take it & Leave it

The “take it” command is an easy one to teach, which is why I placed it second. “Take it” and “leave it” must be taught together so that your puppy can learn the distinction. Hold a treat close to your puppy’s face. When she tries to take it, gently steer her snout away from the treat with your finger while saying, “Leave it.”. You’ll have to do this about 10 to 20 times before your puppy gives up. Then say, “Take it” and allow your puppy to take the treat. Praise her for doing so well and repeat the exercise.



The “stay” command will take some patience, but once your puppy catches on, it’s a very rewarding experience. This should be taught incrementally. Start by making your puppy “stay” while you slowly back away a few paces. Then start backing away further and further, always giving your puppy a treat if she has successfully stayed put. If not, lead her back and start over until she’s comfortable with the distance you’re at.


Lie Down

Dogs with dominant personalities struggle with this one. They see it as a highly submissive move, so when you’re training your puppy to lie down, make sure you’re offering big rewards. Use hand signals to indicate that you want your puppy to lie down. You may have to help her the first few times, but once she works out what you want she’ll be working hard for those treats.


Roll Over

Once you’ve taught your puppy to lie down, you’ve already accomplished half of the “roll over” command. Use a circular hand gesture to indicate rolling over, and help your puppy to understand the command by rolling her over the first several times you give the command. And as always, reward with a treat for success.


Find it

This is a fun one and should always be included in your puppy training! You can teach your puppy to use its nose to find toys or treats. Make your puppy wait somewhere while you hide items around your garden or house. Then say, “Find it!” excitedly and watch as your puppy explores the possibilities of her nose.


Give Me Your Paw

Cute and easy trick to teach your puppy is, “Give me your paw”. Simply take your puppy’s paw after giving the command and praise her with a treat and some kind words when you’re holding it up. After a while she’ll do it on her own.


Play Dead

This was by far the hardest trick I ever taught my dog. It took three months because of his predisposition to stubbornness! But today, Diego plays dead like a pro. Start this command off with “Lie down” and then gently show your puppy what playing dead looks like. Keep rewarding with treats while she’s down.



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