7 Tips for Buying Newborn Baby Clothes

Did you know that there were 3.6 million babies born in the United States of America in the year 2020? That means that someone that you know and care about is likely to have had a baby last year. One important part of having a baby is picking out the right baby clothes.

No matter if it is baby boy clothes or baby girl clothes, there are things that you need to do in order to make sure that the clothes you purchase are comfortable, safe, and cute. While this might seem difficult, you’re in the perfect place to learn some helpful tips with it comes to picking out the perfect newborn baby clothes.

Continue reading this article to learn about seven helpful tips that will help you the next time that you’re perusing your options in our local baby clothing stores.

1. Focus On Comfort

When it comes to picking out baby clothing, the first thing that you need to think about is comfort. It is important to remember that babies have extremely sensitive skin so certain clothing types aren’t a good fit. If you accidentally pick out baby clothing that is rough then it could cause irritation and rashes on your newborn’s skin.

The best approach to take is to try to find cute baby clothes that are soft and comfortable. If it is during the colder months then you should try to find baby clothes that are a bit thicker and warmer. If the summer months are coming up then make sure that you pick out baby clothes that breathe well but still protect your baby’s skin.

The best options for baby clothing when it comes to materials are cotton, fleece, and blended fabrics. You’ll want the clothes to be soft but absorbent. This creates a gentle clothing experience on your baby’s skin.

2. Keep Things Simple

It is easy to get carried away when you first start shopping for cute baby clothes for your newborn. Everyone pictures their baby in cute but stereotypical baby outfits like the baby sailor outfit. Don’t get drawn in by these baby clothes designs. Instead, focus on baby clothes that are cute but that provide practicality.

You’re going to have to change a lot of diapers which will only be more difficult if you have to help your baby out of complicated and confusing baby outfits. Target simple and soft clothes like those at Hanna Andersson. Clothes with frills and ribbons will irritate your baby’s skin so it is wise to keep your baby clothes simple.

3. Think About Temperature

An important component of picking out the best baby clothes for your newborn baby girl or boy is to make sure that you’re getting clothes that are right for the temperature. It is no secret that babies feel cold much easier than adults. It could be in the heart of summer and if there is a breeze your baby will start to feel cold.

The best option for hot weather when it comes to baby clothes is cotton. When winter arrives you should try to layer baby clothes in order to keep your baby warm but comfortable. Don’t go overboard with the layering as that can cause your baby to get too hot and uncomfortable. 

4. Size

Anyone that has had kids knows that they grow faster than you can believe. This makes shopping for baby clothes a difficult proposition. If you’re unsure of what size clothes to get for your baby girl or boy then it is always better to err on the side of larger sizes.

While the clothes you purchased might not fit your baby right now, it will be only a matter of weeks or months until those clothes are a perfect fit. A good approach is to get a few clothing items in each size and invest in new clothes as your baby keeps growing. That way you won’t spend a ton of money on clothes your baby can’t wear.

5. Quality Over Quantity

One thing that is important to remember with baby clothes is that you’re better off getting a few quality baby clothes options than investing in a ton of baby clothes that aren’t as nice. While baby clothes are expensive, it makes more sense to get something that will last for the period that you need it than it does to go cheap and get clothes that are uncomfortable.

6. Get Machine-Wash Baby Clothes

Your baby is going to make a ton of messes. That is just the reality of raising a child. Your child will spit up, throw up, and drool on the baby clothes that you purchase for your newborn. You’re going to need to wash these clothes on a consistent basis otherwise your children will run out of clothing.

Make sure that you’re purchasing baby clothes that stand up to stains but will also handle the rigors of frequent washes in your washing machine. You want to invest in fabrics that won’t grow dull or rough after getting washed in your home’s washing machine. This will keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

7. Get the Essentials

There are some baby clothes options that are essential when you have a newborn on the way. Singlets are a great clothing option that will keep your baby comfortable while also allowing for easy cleanup on your part. A singlet will catch all of the drool and vomit that your baby creates.

Onesies are also a great investment because they are easy to put on and take off. This is valuable because it makes it much easier for you to clean your baby and change their diaper when nature calls.

Find the Perfect Baby Clothes for Your Newborn

There are certain things that you need to look for when it comes to picking out the perfect baby clothes for your newborn. Make sure that you get the essential items like singlets and onesies. This makes cleaning up much easier. You should also make sure to get clothing materials that are soft in order to keep your baby comfortable and healthy.

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