7 Compelling Reasons to Adopt SEO to Your Brisbane Business Now

Brisbane may be the best place on the planet to do business. The city is the closest capital on the eastern seaboard of Australia, which has access to the three main export markets of China, Japan, and South Korea. Also, the airport of Brisbane can be accessed in less than 20 minutes from the city centre. The city is one of the largest and most progressive in Australia. Its main industries include finance, education, retail as well as transport, and they account for more than half of the entire employment in Brisbane.

Many business owners probably know the importance of having an optimised digital presence. The advantages of hiring one of the SEO companies in Brisbane are endless since when you apply SEO to your site, it can dramatically improve the success of your brand in the marketplace.

You have probably explored the fundamentals of SEO and how it functions. But while doing so, you probably discovered that applying it to your digital marketing strategy is complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, optimising your content is a tedious process, and it may take months to produce results. You might even start to doubt if SEO is indeed worth it in the end. But rest assured that it is.

Cost of Implementing SEO in Brisbane

SEO services typically cost about $700-$2000 per month in Brisbane. Besides that, hourly SEO rates can range from $105-$250. Moreover, the higher the competition, the more top dollar you need to pay for your SEO.

Here are some reasons why your business should employ SEO strategies:

1. SEO Enhances the User Experience

There are many ways that you can use to improve your website and user experience. It includes providing your audience with meaningful information, relevant photos, and videos to support your content. Also, web pages must be easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.

An optimised user experience results in click-through rates, more leads, brand recognition, and higher conversion rates. Visitors of your website, as well as search engine algorithms, value a good user experience. Hence, delivering this aspect will improve your rankings and motivate people to stay longer on your pages.

2. SEO Is a Top Source of Leads

Inbound strategies are the most efficient and successful way to attract leads. Inbound includes optimisation for search engines, social media, content marketing, referrals, and many others. But if you are not generating enough new leads from your current SEO strategy, you should make revisions to your approach and make sure you target the right demographic. You might also want to check your competitors. Perhaps another player in the market has optimised their content and is getting a considerable share of the pie.

3. SEO Results in Better Close Rates

According to data, an average of 14.6% close rates are achieved via SEO leads. This is in contrast to 1.7% from outbound strategies. Connecting the customers via outbound or cold leads will often result in a lower conversion rate. In these cases, the interaction is unwanted.

SEO leads are consumers who have done online research. They have specific requirements and purposes in mind as they check out your product or service. Thus, they transition into MQL  (marketing qualified leads) or even SQL (sales qualified leads), and you have better chances of higher conversion rates with them.

4. Improve Your Conversion Rates With SEO

An optimised ranking of your site on any search engine can dramatically improve your conversion rates. And if you can maintain your lead position, your target audience will soon become more cognizant of your brand and the premium quality of your work. It will increase your trustworthiness and your reputation in the industry.

Since you have built brand awareness among your customers, their knowledge of your products and services will increase. This way, there is a better possibility for customers to close a deal with your business.

5. Better Cost Management

It is just one of the advantages of SEO for your business. Utilising the right rank tracking tool can help enhance your rankings and organic traffic leads to your website. When you track your position, you are assured that you are always dominating the SERPs, and your audience can effortlessly find your content on the first page itself.

6. SEO Encourages Visits to Your Physical Store

Local SEO is especially advantageous for small businesses and companies that have a physical store. These businesses are not limited to a digital presence. It is a well-known fact that, after embarking on local research, there is a higher probability for customers to check out the brick-and-mortar location of a business. A Google statistic revealed that nearly 76% of people who perform a “near me” search visited the physical store within 24 hours. Moreover, almost 28% of them made a purchase.

For example, if a user searches for the best buffet in Las Vegas, it will show several options. And the person who conducted the search will most likely visit one of the top choices and subsequently become a customer of that restaurant.

7. SEO Builds Your Brand Reputation

Being a top ranker or ranking near the top on the search engine results page may give your customers the impression that you are one of the main players in the industry. In addition to that, another advantage of SEO is that it suggests you are offering a more premium experience compared to your competition.

But if you fall way below the search engine results, people may not even find you are if they do, they may get the impression that you do not have sufficient credibility or expertise. It may lead some customers to choose someone with a more substantial online presence and better reputation.

In addition to that, the main benefits you get by hiring one of the SEO companies in Brisbane are:

  • Affordable Advertising

When you are already on top of the rankings, there is no need for you to invest in paid advertising such as PPC. You will continue to dominate your market as long as audiences click your search links.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Activities

Marketing tasks related to generating inbound leads will include social media blogging, referrals, and many others. These require little or no cost at all. On the other hand, outbound lead generation will include cold calls, client visits, and direct selling, and it can be pretty expensive.

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