6 Year Old Ohio Girl Wins Lottie’s Superhero Costume Design Competition!


An innovative crowd-sourced design competition that asked kids aged 10 and under to create a superhero outfit for the Lottie™ doll has announced a winner.


Lily, age 6, from Kirtland, Ohio, USA,  will see her Super Lottie design come to life, with the superhero outfit being manufactured and made commercially available in Autumn 2014. Lily will also see her original artwork design, name, age, city and country as well as description of superhero abilities on the back of the outfit packaging.


This is the first time that a crowd-sourced design by a child will go into commercial production.


The competition attracted a swathe of global entries from countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Spain, and showcased a really fantastic range of designs, with lots of really quirky, imaginative superhero powers, and a broad range of colors that move beyond the pastiche bubblegum pink.


Arklu teamed up with US non-profit organization Brave Girls Alliance for the competition.


A wholesome antidote to other leading doll brands, Lottie™ has been purposefully designed under expert guidance to both look and dress as a regular child – a childlike body shape, no make-up, jewelry or high-heels. Lottie™ also has the ability to stand on her own two feet (always a useful life skill for all girls, big and small). Lottie does all the activities that real kids do.


Lucie Follett, Creative Director of Arklu, explains “It’s great to see how the Lottie™ message ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You’ has been listened to and interpreted by kids all over the world. Girls WILL be superheroes in 2014!”


Melissa Wardy of Brave Girls Alliance says:

“The Brave Girls Alliance really enjoyed watching so many creative, artistic entries for the Superhero design contest come in and get featured by our friends at Lottie. It reinforced what we already know at BGA to be true of girls; they are their own best storytellers and content creators. All of the entries showed the strong voices and powerful ambitions girls have, and we are very excited to see the awesome winning outfit available for purchase this fall. It will be hard to wait until then but we know Lottie fans the world over will be filling their summer with plenty of adventures with their Lottie dolls while they count down the days with us. Congratulations to Lottie and your special winner, we cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!”


Lily’s mom Greta explains:

“It was so refreshing to find a cute doll that indeed represents the true essence of a little girl. Not at all like the over-glamorized or creepy dolls that are mass marketed to young girls today. Lily got a Lottie for her 6th birthday, along with a few outfits and she fell in love with her!! Lottie goes to school with her and gets to play at recess, takes baths with her, goes on adventures, and sleeps with her. She can’t wait to take her to the beach this summer!


Lily loves superheroes and art!! She likes to play superheroes at recess…usually with the boys because the other girls won’t play it! She often sleeps in her superhero costume too. She has always loved art, and it is her favorite class at school. She’s in Kindergarten, and loves reading, learning and recess!”


The competition has also received support from within the comic community.  Sue, who blogs about women in superhero comics at the incredibly popular DC Women Kicking Ass on Tumblr and also maintains Superheroes Are For Girls and This: Moments for Women, is a loud and never-tiring voice for feminism in the cape comics blogosphere, says:


“Superheroes are for girls, too. And now with the Lottie doll children can have a female superhero that has realistic body shape. What a wonderful toy.”

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About Arklu

Arklu is a young and innovative award-winning toy company with the dynamic team of Lucie Follett and Ian Harkin at the helm.

Since her launch in August 2012, Lottie dolls have become something of a global phenomenon securing the approval of industry experts (winning 19 awards in the US, UK and Canada including 5 prestigious Oppenheim Portfolio Platinum Awards), child development experts (encouragement quotes), international press coverage and most importantly, positive feedback from the parents and children who love Lottie.

Lottie now sells in 30 countries; the www.lottie.com website appears in 17 language versions, including Chinese, Russian and Japanese.


About the Brave Girls Alliance

The Brave Girls Alliance is a think tank of girl empowerment experts and allies. We are a global group of non-profit organizations, small businesses, professionals, parents, girls and other individuals who have come together to ask media content creators, large corporations, marketers and retailers to make a commitment to support girls’ empowerment.  We ask that girls have a voice in ending gender stereotypes and sexualization in the media and products created for them, and we support the parents, families and communities who join us in advocating for a healthier girlhood. www.bravegirlswant.com

Self Disclosure: SoCal City Kids did not receive any compensation to post. 

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