6 Super tips to keep your travel juices flowing

It’s a weird time at the moment with almost every aspect of our lives being clouded by the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

And if there’s one part of life in particular that’s being impacted, it’s travel.

People’s dreams of heading off to a fantastic destination to explore, unwind and have fun, have now been put on hold for the foreseeable.

But don’t be disheartened. There will come a time when you can travel far and wide once again.

Until then, here are six super tips to keep your travel juices flowing!

  1. Create a travel shortlist

Creating a shortlist of destinations is the perfect way to keep your love of travel alive. If you’re not sure where to begin, travel sites such as Culture Trip and Lonely Planet are packed full of exciting and informative content to help you choose the places that suit your tastes and personality best. With your shortlist finalised the only question is – where first?

  • Find a travel team

There’s nothing wrong with flying solo, however, you’ll find your travel dry spell is more bearable and exciting if you’ve got a group of pals to make plans with and share your enthusiasm with. So what are you waiting for? Start recruiting members for your travel team.

  • Network

Connecting with fellow travellers using a networking app such as Travello is a great idea, now more than ever. You can use these platforms to share your knowledge, tips and experiences with likeminded travellers and the in process, inspire one another to keep planning and dreaming of travelling. You might even find some suitable recruits for your travel team.

  • Look back

Looking back at your past travel escapades will help quench your thirst for travel by enabling you to relive your past experiences. Whether it’s flicking through old snaps, reading a blog or journal that you wrote or talking with friends you made during your trips, it’s a fun and reflective experience that can really lift your spirits and keep you motivated.

  • Pre-book stuff

Pre-booking stuff saves you time and money. So once you’ve chosen your destination, see what things you can book early – whether it’s attraction tickets on Trip Advisor or Miami airport parking on Looking4.com, doing so will leave you with one less thing to worry about down the line.  

  • Brush up on your lingo

If you’ve found yourself with more time on your hands lately, learning the native language of a country your interested in visiting is a fun idea. It’ll give you something exciting to focus on and keep your desire for travel burning bright. And when you’re finally able to head to your destination, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident knowing you can converse with locals in their native tongue.

It might not seem like it now but there will come a time where you can travel to your heart’s content once again. And when you do, be sure to follow or these six super travel tips and look forward to some fun-filled global adventures!

That’s our list! Share your own travel tips in the comments section.

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