6 Effective Tips to Try When Selling Your House and Relocating for Work Simultaneously

Your dream career is now almost achievable, but there is a catch – it is located miles away. What will you do?

Just like any family, moving and settling in another place or country is inevitable, especially if your work demands you to do so. It is an upsetting thing for your kids given the adjustments they have to do in coping up in school, building relationships and friends, adapting the culture, and overcoming language barriers.

Moreover, it is more tedious on your part as the parent, particularly if you still need to sell your last house and relocate at the same time. To help you in expediting the process, here are some tips worth trying.

Sell your house instantly to a cash buyer

Opt for this choice if you have no time for a traditional listing. It is because selling your home right away to a sure buyer shortens the process of selling the property. To do this, prepare an enticing online listing or post of your property for sale. Remember to add compelling images because photos can help sell your house fast.

Skip the DIY and hire professionals

At first, you may have considered following the “do it yourself” or DIY process and ditch the idea of hiring a professional realtor. There is nothing wrong with this, except that this may take a while before you can sell the property. If you are on pressure due to job relocation, it is not right to stay frugal to save a few bucks. Do not hesitate to hire professional cleaning services and a realtor to put up your house for sale right away.

Prepare your things accordingly

No matter how urgent the relocation can be, your new employer should give you enough time to pack and prepare your family’s items and temporary place. At the same time, having the timeframe can have a massive impact on the home sale. Remember that selling a property in a rush tends to have low proceeds since the buyer pays in cash and ask for discounts. However, there is a massive difference if it can be sold the usual way since there is more time for negotiations.

Set a realistic price

Whether you sell the property via a realtor or direct selling to a buyer with cold cash, you should put a reasonable price. To do this, study first the current real estate market trends in your area. Try consulting some real estate agents and check their comparative market analysis in hand to get a better idea of what price to set to make it sell fast.

Ensure your relocation packages and benefits

Before committing to your new work, make sure that you have checked the relocation terms well. This includes checking with your new employer the eligibility to receive a relocation package. Some companies are not that proactive when it comes to this, so you might need to open up the topic with them beforehand. This way, they can help you and your family have temporary housing or provide reimbursement for moving expenses.

Do not buy a new home right away

Slow down. There is no need to rush into purchasing a new home. The proceeds from your home sale will help you secure your next home, but it may not be enough to complete the payment for your new home due to the changing market and property price. That is why it is best to wait a bit longer until you have secured enough funds to buy a new property.

If you are a working professional with a family and are planning to relocate some time soon, try incorporating the given tips above in your relocation plan. These will help you juggle selling your house and relocating at the same time.

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