5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for School

With summer coming to an end and school quickly approaching, it’s not surprising that your kids will be filled with mixed emotions. It may be sad leaving summer behind but here are five ways to help your kids get excited for the upcoming school year!


Go Shopping for a First Day of School Outfit

Who doesn’t remember going back to school shopping with their parents? Getting a new outfit that your child loves and feels confident in, is all you need to get them pumped up for the first day of school. I remember I was so excited about wearing my new school outfit; I wanted to sleep in it the night before (my mom said no)!



Personalize EVERYTHING! 

Some kids are happy just walking into an office supply store, others, not so much. If you’re buying school supplies for more than one child, why not personalize them with your last name or a family motto? Or, let you kids express themselves via a custom t-shirt showcasing their hobbies, favorite quotes or personal artwork. From t-shirts to hoodies to notepads – there’s an assortment of products that can be customized to your child’s liking on CustomInk.com. You could also volunteer to create the custom shirt this year for your child’s class – a cool class t-shirt will help bring all of the students together by showing off their class pride!

Plan Playdates

Some kids might be bummed because they aren’t in the same classrooms as their friends.  Since most schools provide class rosters before school starts, get on Facebook and set up playdates!  This will give your child a head start on knowing his or her classmates and is a great life lesson – change is good and meeting new people is important.  If your child already knows everyone in class, even better!  Invite the kids over so they can reconnect.


Sign Up for Activities

Encourage your child to explore what they like to do and try new things. Whether its extra-curricular activities through the school or signing your kid up for a hobby on the weekend – a great way to get your kids excited for school is by helping them find a sport or club to participate in throughout the year.

Take a school tour

If you child is starting at a new school this year, say going from elementary school to middle school, take your child on a walk or a drive to their new school.  If they know where and how they’re getting to school every day, it’ll take some anxiety away (even if they don’t know they have any). Show them where they’re going to have recess and play with their new and old friends and tell them fun stories about when you were in school.

Credit: Guest post by Limor Suss. This school year, CustomInk is partnering with this amazing lifestyle & party planning expert. 

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