5 Tips To Helping Your Kids Improve Their English

English is one of the most powerful and dominant languages of the world. Current statistics show that about 50 countries have English as their primary national language. It is therefore very important to help your children learn to speak fluent English from an early age. As a parent, listening to your kids speaking and writing flawless English sentences is very satisfying.

Developing strong writing skills takes time. However, with great tips and sheer determination, it is achievable. Here are 5 tips to helping your kids’ improve their English.

  1. Converse Regularly

Engaging in regular conversations with your children is very important. As a parent, you can help your children improve their English by prioritizing time spent conversing with them. As the children get older, you can slowly introduce vocabularies to the conversations.

Teach your kids the correct pronunciations and definitions. With time, your children’s English conversation skills will greatly improve. Remember to correct mistakes prudently. Avoid yelling at your kids when they mispronounce words or use them incorrectly. Instead, be patient with them and applaud their efforts to learn.

  1. Read, Read, Read

Reading regularly is a great way to help your kids improve their English. Reading improves your child’s fluency and increases their ability to decode words and letters, which promotes greater understanding. Take time to read a story for your child every day before they go to sleep. Occasionally, you can flip things over and ask your child to read you the story. This will improve their confidence and give them a chance to use new English words.  

  1. Lose The Baby Talk

Baby talk is crucial to your child’s development. The coos and babbles are essential for your baby’s brain development. However, if you want your children to communicate in fluent English, you must speak to them clearly and directly; Use grown-up words in your normal day to day conversations with your growing children. Your kids will gradually pick up new words and use them in the conversations.

  1. Make It Fun

Fun games and activities are an excellent way to help your children improve their English. Games also make learning enjoyable and interactive. Look for age-appropriate games that will enrich your children’s writing and oral communication skills. You can easily download games for free on your smartphone or iPad that will entertain and teach your children at the same time.


  1. Encourage A Writing Culture In Your Home

Writing is an essential part of education. As a parent, it is important to build your child’s writing skills from an early age. Encourage your children to write things they are passionate about. Reward your children when they write great stories to motivate them.

It is very important to have a routine and a special place in your house specially devoted to writing. This will make it easier for your children to sharpen their writing skills in a quiet area free from distractions. Be a role model to your children by embracing the writing culture as well. Share your writing experience with your children and teach them the various forms of writing. This will greatly improve their writing skills.


These 5 tips will surely help your kids improve their English. Are you looking for the best model compositions that will help your child impress his/her teacher? Writing Samurai has useful resources that will help your child write great compositions in no time. Check out the Writing Samurai website for english compositions samples that will benefit your child a great deal.

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