5 Tips to first-time acrylic pouring for mom and kids

Most moms who love painting would enjoy that their kids learn some painting and painting techniques. Kids are naturally born with art skills which can be developed fast using drawing or painting. You can decide to teach your kids acrylic painting at home and as they grow, they will gradually master the skills. This enables them to learn fast even when they start school and enjoy drawing with ease. Here are five tips for first-time acrylic pouring for mom and kids.

Put up the materials before you start

Decide on the materials that you will need for acrylic pouring before you start. In case you have more than one kid, ensure that each child has their own set to practice with. Shop for them early and have them ready. Several beginner guides are available for moms and kids to learn acrylic pouring. Get beginner tips at https://acrylicpouring.com/low-cost-acrylic-pouring-recipe-lots-cells/.

Start with simple skills

Depending on your child’s age, you can start with simple skills that your kid will be able to master. This will enable them to have fun while practicing painting and they might even turn out to be painter pros in the future. As your kid gradually learns, you will see which skills they love and enjoy.

Have a painting place

For first time mums, it is important to decide on the best place to practice acrylic pouring before you even begin. Most of the time acrylic pouring leaves a mess of paint which needs to be cleaned after you are done. Find an ideal spot to practice acrylic pouring where you can comfortably work and then set the painting to dry.

Get ready to do some cleaning of the trays and any items or surfaces that are messy. This should be done before the paint dries since it might be harder to remove.  Use materials that can be washed afterward and reused.

Set a few rules

In acrylic pouring colors influence how the final painting will look. As a beginner in acrylic pouring, you need to set some rules that will guide you. This includes the number of paint colors to use. If possible limit your first-time acrylic pouring to four paint colors. You should then ask each kid not to interfere with another kid’s painting until it is complete and dry. This teaches them to master their skills as well as respect the other kid’s work.

Teach one kid at a time

When teaching more than one kid, set some time for each kid. Every kid has their own learning pace and while some might learn fast, others need some patience. Have time for each kid while looking at what they are doing as you correct them. Once they grasp the techniques it will be easier for you to sit back and watch them practice the skills on their own.

Give your kids enough space to do the acrylic pouring while showing them how it’s done and then check what they are doing. However, always allow them to use their art skills and do not control what they do. Learn to be patient since they will always spill or drop paint either on themselves or on the floor at some point as they learn.


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