5 Tips to finding a photo booth company to hire

Events nowadays cannot be complete without a photo booth at the venue. Because of how fun and engaging it is, it’s become a must have in almost all kinds of functions. Be it weddings, awards nights, or concerts, you’re sure to see an attractive backdrop with guests lining up to have their photos taken. Photo booths are a lot of fun and it keeps the guests busy and allows them to mingle with each other. The printed photographs also serve as a practical souvenir that your guests can keep. If you’re looking to hire a photo booth for your next function, here are 5 tips to finding the right company to hire:


  1. Check for client feedback

When looking for photo booth service, consider the companies near your area look for feedback. If you live in Australia, there are a lot of photo booth hire in Melbourne, Werribee, and nearby locations. Client feedback is a deciding factor in hiring a certain supplier. Check out who they are what their reputation is. Look at their online profile and read the reviews about them. Are the clients satisfied? Are they highly recommended? Are there any complaints about them? Actual feedback from customers play a big role in helping you decide which company to get.


  1. What kind of events have they covered?

Consider also the types of events they’ve covered and if it fits the function you’re organizing. The range of events they’ve covered will tell you their breadth of experience and whether or not they’re a good fit for you. If you are to inquire, ask them about their biggest event. How many people have they catered? How many tools did they bring? How many staff can they allocate for your function?


  1. What kind of services do they offer?

Photo booths nowadays have changed so much. The backdrops have evolved immensely. What started as plain tarpaulin backgrounds, now we have green screens, and fun and cool props. There are even flower walls, and intricate setup with couches. It’s gotten even more creative and immersive with flip books, wherein instead of a single shot you’ll be given 7 seconds to move any way you like. And the output will be a 60-page flipbook you’re sure to enjoy! What else? Have you heard of a 360 degrees photo booth? Instead of a background, you’ll be standing on a round elevated platform where a camera pan around you in a circle. The output is in video format and it’s right now one of the hottest photo booths in town.


  1. Check their output

Now that you’re almost decided on which photo booth company to get, one thing you can’t forget is to check their output. Not all photo papers are made equal, make sure to clarify that you want your photos to last long and not blur in a few weeks time. Check their layout also if they provide creative and elegantly made layouts. Otherwise, you’d have to provide your own layout or even hire an artist to do yours.


  1. How much is it going to cost you?

With so many options out there, it’s easy to be swayed into getting more add ons, more time, more options, all at an additional cost. Don’t forget to stick to your budget when it comes to supplier hunting. A decent photo booth can set you back $100 to $150 per 3 hours, with each succeeding hour ranging from $15 to $20. Of course, the price definitely varies per location so it’s best to research also on the price. Set a budget ceiling and try not to exceed it.

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