5 Tips to finding a great nursery

It is definitely right that you want to take your kids to a great nursery where they can spend time while growing socially, intellectually and physically. A great nursery needs to have all the resources that the kids require including facilities and human resources. Luckily, many nurseries in finchley have been established to cater for your childcare needs. However, you need to ensure that you take your child to a great nursery. So, here are tips to finding that great nursery?

  1. The nursery should have knowledgeable and dedicated staff

Considering that a nursery school caters for kids below five years who need a lot of care and attention, it should have staff that is passionate about what they do, are caring and dedicated. They should also be knowledgeable about various subject areas as well as issues relating to young children.

The staff should have the required training in early childhood education so they can be knowledgeable about how to deal with the children.

Young children require attention and therefore the teacher to student ratio should be observed to ensure that the kids receive the necessary attention.

  1. A curriculum that focuses on an all-round growth of the child

A great nursery is the one that caters to the individual needs of every child. It nurtures their talents, discovers their interests, and knows their abilities. The curriculum should encompass various subjects such as the arts, music, numeracy, literacy, science, and technology so that the children can discover their passion.

  1. A great nursery should have child-friendly facilities  

Children love to play and discover. The nursery should have facilities to cater for the different activities that the kids take part. For instance, it should have play areas for indoor and outdoor activities, art rooms, music rooms, and nature spaces where kids can discover the flora and fauna in the environment. The facilities should be designed in a child-friendly way so that the kids can be in an enjoyable and stimulating environment.

The facilities should be kept clean and well maintained.

Parents worry about their children when they are away. One way of reassuring that the kids are safe is to have additional security facilities such as CCTV. A great nursery can go ahead, take an extra step, and allow parents to see remotely what their children are doing.

  1. The nursery should have ground rules

Rules are necessary because they create order. For instance, there should be rules on operating hours such that you know when you can drop or pick up your child. It should be clearly stated on who can pick up the child and what to do if you intend to pick up the child early or drop the child late.

There should be rules on emergencies and sick-child policy.

  1. Find out its reputation

You have found a nursery school with great facilities, an all-encompassing curriculum, and great teachers. However, is it a great nursery? You can find out from current parents. You can request numbers of the parents who already have children in the nursery and get their opinion about the school. Alternatively, you can visit the school during pick up hours and strike conversations with parents.

You can also observe the school during the normal schools hours and see how the children are taken care of and how activities are run in the nursery. This way, you can develop your own opinion of whether to take your child to the nursery or not.

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