5 Reasons to Use a Cell Phone Gripper

Are you among those people who can’t get a proper hold of their phone? Is it slipping away from your hands, and even dropping from nightstands and other surfaces?

You are not to blame because the manufacturers made the backs of their phones slippery. However, there is something you can do about it!

If you get a reliable smartphone grip, you won’t have to worry about the phone slipping from your hands. Here is an overview of the reasons why grippers have become so popular these days.

1.      You Don’t Risk Phone Damage

The most important thing that a gripper should do is to protect your phone from damage. It’s not the problem that the device will slip from your hands or a table. It is the hit to the floor you should worry about as it may cause significant damage.

But if you choose a high-quality cell phone gripper, your phone will be secure wherever it is. It will provide a firm grip if you are holding it in your hand, and you don’t have to worry, it will fall if you put it on a glass table or another slippery surface.

That way, you eliminate the risk of phone damage and prolong the longevity of your device, which is important, especially if you bought an expensive product.  

2.      You Are Also Protecting Yourself

It sounds weird, but every smartphone owner was in a similar situation to this one. Imagine it: you are lying in your bed and browsing the internet, the chances are your phone is over your head. If you accidentally lose a grip and drop it, you may end up with a bruise, or even a broken nose. It may be tough to believe, but purchasing a phone grip is also a way to protect yourself.

3.      Top Adhesive Grips Are Elegant and Personalized

The best grips out there are adhesive units. It is easy to apply them, and they are extremely thin, which means they won’t affect the bulkiness of your device. Instead, they will provide an elegant and high-performing solution.

The premium brands out there put a lot of effort into personalizing their grips. CatTongue Grips, for example, has different collections that are flag, camo, or animal-inspired. You can even find licensed USC, and US ski & snowboard grips. It is up to you to pick the grip that fits your lifestyle the most.

4.      Versatile and Available for All Devices

It doesn’t matter which smartphone model you own because the best grips for phones will fit any version. Users who prefer iOS will also be happy to know they can use grippers for iPhones and iPods.

You can even find grips that fit iPads and tablets. The only thing to ensure is to pick the right size, and grippers will protect any portable device you have in your home.

5.      Excellent Value for the Money

We can talk about design and performance, but we cannot neglect the price. The era we live in dictates that the budget is an important segment of every purchase. However, it shouldn’t be a consideration when it comes to phone grips.

It is because these products are affordable and fit every budget. The price might depend on the design and collection you choose, but the important thing is that you will get excellent quality as long as you choose a reputable brand.

Smartphone and iPhone grips cost from $10 to $20, while tablet grippers may be a bit more expensive but even they shouldn’t go over $30. Since you will be getting long-lasting protection and comfort of using your phone, that sounds like a good deal in our book!

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