5 Reasons to Learn How to Play Ping Pong

The sport – the only sport for that – that encompasses the body, the mind and the soul! Table tennis has not only been popular but also valued due to its flexibility. In ping pong, every player has equal chances: it is never a surprise to have one’s ass kicked by a 9-year old kid who’s “not so good” at the game since they only started out the other month. And you’ll be sitting there asking yourself what contribution you’re making to society if you’re having your ass annihilated by a Generation-Z contender!

I find it hilarious anytime someone asks why they should spend their time chasing a little plastic ball that’s keen on not being easily hit. As a matter of fact, table tennis has become so popular that firms – the likes of Google – have installed several play tables in different rooms to offer employ enjoyment and relaxation. I mean, when you have a giant like that taking note and giving recognition to a game like this and still recording stronger balance sheets by the day, you won’t need rocket science to know there’s something unique about the play.

What Don’t They Tell You?

You all know how games and physical activity are good for the body and general wellbeing. Well, there are some secrets they never tell you concerning ping pong. This is why most people haven’t seen the need to adapt to this amazing sport – yet! And that’s exactly why I’m here.

  1. Really Cost-Friendly

Unlike most sports, ping pong is actually the one game that will have some actual mercy on your pockets. This not so demanding game only requires a good and durable table with a net, paddles and a ball(s). Equipment and playing gear should only be expensive should you seek to progress to the professional level – which is to be expected of course. For the greatest experience, check these ping pong tables here.

  1. Major Brain Buster

Try watching the game while cooking your lovely dinner and conversantly taking care of your laundry. Most boys will flank miserably in this multi-coordination challenge considering science only awards them with half a brain! Getting acquainted with ping-pong serves to bring out the super-human in you. The massive attention, eye movement which is followed by the body as you try to keep the ball pacing all go a long way in improving the functioning of the brain. Players of table tennis are in often cases associated with a level of genius, unlike any other game.

  1. Possibly the Safest

There isn’t contact of any sorts when playing ping pong. I’m also yet to come by an individual who has incurred an injury from being hit by the ping pong ball. When talking of personal welfare, table tennis is probably the safest physical sport on the planet.

  1. Social Bonding

Are you having problems connecting with the society? You’re probably missing a ton of table tennis! The game brings social relations on another level as players get to open and interact. Competitions have also brought ping pong lovers together and the community is still growing.

  1. Why Else? It’s Lots of Fun!

Whether you’re doing ping pong in a family setting, alone or at work or simply with friends, ping pong is simply fun. You’ll only understand the thrill when the ball moves too fast for you to keep up!

I remember being introduced to table tennis when I was 6-years; this was my first sight immediately I closed school on my first grade. I was young, but it took me 6 months to have a pace that my then 15-year old sister could not match. You now know where the love came from, you understand the kind of genius I am; plus now you actually know how easy the play is too.



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