5 Health dilemmas that are becoming prevalent in 2018

Research shows that the number of health challenges has been increasing in the last few years. There are many of these health problems that are becoming prevalent in 2018. As such, one needs to be aware of the various health challenges and do all that is necessary to ensure that they live a healthier life. Problems such as drug abuse have been around for such a long time. However, this is a challenge that has become even worse in the recent times.

Here are 5 health dilemmas that are becoming prevalent in 2018:

  1. Drug abuse

Drug and substance abuse is a very big challenge to the modern world. The number of drugs and substances that are being abused has also been on the rise for the last ten or so years. Substance abuse refers to the use of drugs and consumption of alcohol in excess. When you self-medicate, it is likely that you could overdose or underdose yourself. This could lead to serious health problems. It is also possible for both seniors and the young people to mix drugs and still use alcohol at the same time. All these are things that should be avoided for a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Obesity and Overweight

The type of foods that the majority of the world population is consuming nowadays makes it difficult to prevent obesity and overweight prevalence.  When you become obese or overweight, you increase the chances of developing problems such as hypertension and diabetes. You could also suffer diseases such as stroke, gallbladder disease, breast cancer and even colon cancer. Generally speaking, when one does not exercise and eat healthy, they will most likely die from these types of diseases.

  1. HIV and AIDS

HIV and AIDS has been a common problem for the last 4 decades. Even though the disease is easy to manage nowadays, it is not always the case in all parts of the world. The issue of drug and substance abuse has been one of the aggravators of this problem. People who are careless in their lives are more likely to get infected with the HIV virus. The use of antiretroviral drugs in the third world countries has been a problem. Not many people who are infected have access to these treatments; hence the prevalence of the disease has been on the rise.

  1. Mental health and general wellbeing

There are many problems that are facing the majority of the people in the world. As such, the high-stress levels have been causing some mental health problems in the majority of the populations. Issues that bring about stress and depression are poor economy, relationships, families and other kinds of hardships that make people feel unhappy and sad. The trauma caused by political unrests in most parts of the world make people stressed and generally mentally sick. As such, more has to be done to bring down the stress levels in the world.

  1. General  violence on people and healthcare facilities

There are many parts of the world where violence is the order of the day.  For instance, in a country like Syria, there are many attacks on the general population and the healthcare facilities. This causes a lot of health problems to the injured population. The fact that the healthcare facilities face violence means that the victims of the attacks face a bleak future. Many will die or live with lifelong injuries that affect their general ability to live quality lives.

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